Media Goes after Trump Again

Donald Trump

by James Buchanan

You’d think that after Trump won the first Republican debate by a landslide that Fox News would make a little effort to be supportive of Trump, but Noooo. They continue to be just as hostile as when they let loose their attack dogs, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace to try to ambush Trump.

Fox News has managed to gain 1.7 million viewers by pretending to be conservative, far exceeding the paltry half million people still watching CNN. Unfortunately, their idea of being conservative isn’t to cut the size of government and to balance the budget. Their idea of being conservative is to make war on every country hostile to Israel and to go along with the Democrats when it comes to Amnesty.

The latest attack against Trump comes from a remark Trump made about Megyn Kelly, which has been widely assumed to be a comment about her having a bout of PMS. Assuming that’s the case, have we become so politically correct that we can no longer mention the possibility that a particular woman may have been suffering from PMS and may have been unduly hostile as a result? Is this the biggest issue of the election and so earth-shakingly important that Trump must be banished from the primary forthwith?

If you listen to the mainstream media, it is… much like that phony focus group that Fox put together which supposedly hated Trump after the debate.

Thankfully, the American public has diverged from the mainstream media, and the more they attack Trump, the more popular he becomes. Americans want a strong leader, who will build a wall at the border, deport illegals and not kowtow to political correctness.


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