Another Fake Hate Crime


by Jeff Davis

Many, perhaps most, of the so-called hate crimes allegedly committed by Whites in this country are hoaxes committed by the alleged “victims.” I won’t discuss the enormous volume of Black-on-White hate crimes that are never prosecuted as hate crimes for political reasons except to say you can go here to find more info. The liberals want to portray White people as always being the aggressors in hate crimes and never Blacks.

The New York Daily News reports: “A lesbian couple faked a hate crime that left their home a pile of charred rubble at their Venore, Tenn., property in 2010, local reports said.”

“An insurance company caught on to the ruse months after the blaze and accused Carol Ann and Laura Stutte of perpetuating a hoax and blaming the fire on their neighbor. A federal jury ruled in favor of the insurance company’s belief that the couple spray-painted an anti-gay slur on their own garage to spin the fire as a hate crime based on their sexual orientation.”

“The homeowners intended to bank on an insurance claim of more than $276,000, American National and Casualty Company alleged in court documents obtained by the News Sentinel. The target of their stunt was Janice Millsaps, a neighbor whom the Stuttes accused in news reports and a lawsuit of threatening to kill them and burn their house down.”

“Do you know what is better than one dead queer? Two dead queers,” is what the Stuttes accused Millsap of saying one month before the Sept. 4 blaze that destroyed their home.”

“The word ‘queers’ was scrawled across their garage during the fire.”

“Millsap was never charged in connection to the ensuing accusations even as the FBI and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation stepped into the probe.”

“The alleged hate crime garnered sympathy for the residents of the small town from a local PFLAG chapter after Laura Stutte described knowing who the arsonist was two weeks after losing their home.”

Bear in mind that these two lesbians conspired to frame up their neighbor and to send her to jail for arson with an added hate crime charge that may have added five to ten years to the prison sentence. Notice how little they cared that they were sending an innocent straight woman to prison for their financial gain. If there were any hate crime committed, it was by these two lesbians against a straight woman.

Thank goodness, there were still some competent people in local law enforcement and the FBI, who were able to see through the false accusations. What would have happened if Obama or some similar liberal appointed some White-hating minorities and homosexuals to run the local FBI office? What if they just railroaded the accused woman and sided with the lesbians for political reasons? Maybe this has happened in other parts of the country with a stronger liberal influence.


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