Illegal Aliens: Stealing the Jobs Americans Want to Do


by Jeff Davis

The liberal media keeps repeating the Big Lie that illegal aliens are doing the jobs that Americans are unwilling to do. Well, who was doing those jobs before the illegal aliens showed up? Americans. And why did the Americans lose those jobs to illegals? Because the illegals were willing to work for much less than the going-rate. The employer allowed an illegal alien to steal an American job when he really should have picked up the phone and called immigration and turned in the illegal alien to the Immigration department (ICE). How is this any different from aiding and abetting any other criminal fugitive? A large number of states have passed laws requiring employers to check the citizenship of employees and making it a criminal offense to hire illegal aliens, which it should be.

An article from the Washington Examiner reports: “American teen employment has dropped 20 percent from the late 1980s, in part because more and more immigrants have flooded into the market to displace native-born kids from jobs in percentages far higher than on adults, according to the Federal Reserve.”

“‘The displacement effect of immigration on the employment of younger persons is much larger than on the employment of prime-age adults,’ said the September 2014 report, ‘Labor Force Participation: Recent Developments and Future Prospects.'”

If the “prime-age adults” weren’t able to get employment themselves because of all the illegals taking all the entry-level jobs when they were young, a factor which is now beginning to kick in, then the “prime-agers” are probably still flipping burgers and delivering pizzas themselves.

The article continues “The Fed report is the second to blame immigrants for taking jobs native-born teens would normally fill, and comes as new media reports show teen employment down this year. However, most of those media reports don’t cite immigration as a cause or even cite last year’s surge of over 70,000 illegal youths crossing over the U.S.-Mexico border.”

“A July 3 New York Times report on the issue, for example, didn’t mention immigration even though the Federal Reserve last fall and in 2012 put a blame on immigration. That omission prompted an immigration watchdog group to mock the Times for being politically correct.”

The liberal media is determined to help the Democrat Party in its effort to turn America into a majority non-White country and thereby ensure the Democrats of perpetual power. Of course they are going to cover up the ill effects of illegal immigration. According to them, it’s a complete “mystery” why all these White teenagers in the suburbs of Los Angeles can’t find an entry level job to save their lives. Meanwhile, anyone who takes a look at the people working at fast food places and bagging groceries at the local market, will see almost nothing but Latinos hogging those jobs.

One of the worst aspects of this mess is that young White Americans of both sexes are being forced into the military after high school just to find ANY employment –especially in small-town America because all the entry-level jobs have been taken by illegals.

After watching the Republicans dodge seriously addressing this issue for the last two presidential elections (and losing those elections largely as a result of their cowardice on the immigration issue), it’s refreshing to see Donald Trump addressing the immigration issue directly and forcefully. This is the one BIG issue that ordinary Americans are most concerned about and if it appears that Trump won’t betray the American people on this issue, it’s a good bet that he will not only easily win the Republican primary; Trump will easily win the 2016 election.

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