White Woman Murdered by African in Hollywood over $600, he Owed her

Carrie Melvin

by James Buchanan

A White woman has been shot dead in Hollywood by an African, Ezeoma Obioha, because he owed her $600 for Internet work she did for him.

A recent news article reports “Ezeoma Obioha, 31, was arrested and charged with Carrie Melvin’s murder on Friday night, Los Angeles police said. Obioha had been detained on another charge.”

“On the night of July 5, Melvin and her boyfriend were walking at Sunset Boulevard and McCadden Place to get something to eat, when a gunman approached from behind, fired one round and then drove away.”

“Investigators believe Obioha killed Melvin over a financial dispute.”

The latest word on this story reported on Fox News is that an African immigrant (possibly an illegal one) murdered this woman after she did about $600 in website work for him and then he failed to pay her.

The lesson to be learned here is that White women should have NOTHING to do with Black men including doing any sort of work for them. Apparently this African thought so little of a White life that he murdered this woman rather than pay her $600 that he owed her. I suppose murdering someone over $600 is standard operating procedure for businesses in Africa and other parts of the Third World.

This is the second White woman killed in a week by someone from the Third World, who should never have been allowed into the US. It’s not clear if Obioha is an illegal alien living in yet another sanctuary city or a legal immigrant, but it is clear that this murderous African should NEVER have been allowed to step off a plane into the US.

Unfortunately, with Barack Obama in the White House, people with ebola from Africa have stepped off planes and entered the US, suggesting that immigration policies need to be radically changed to keep out Third World invaders both illegal and legal.


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