Latino Congressman Luis Gutierrez Calls Kate Steinle’s Death “a Little Thing”

Kate Steinle

by James Buchanan

A Breitbart news article reports “Representative Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) referred to the death of Kate Steinle as a ‘little thing’ on Telemundo on Saturday.”

“Gutierrez, during a report on the debate over sanctuary cities after the death of Kate Steinle… said, ‘Every time a little thing like this happens, they use the most extreme example to say it must be eliminated.’”

So the death of Kate Steinle is just “a little thing” to this Latino, who puts the interests of his tribe ahead of the best interests of all Americans. Could anyone ever make a more genuinely RACIST statement than that?

Of course the liberal media won’t point out that Congressman Gutierrez is a racist. Left wing liberals can never be racists no matter how much they hate White people or derisively dismiss the death of a beautiful young White woman… at least according to the folks at CNN or MSNBC, who probably won’t say one word about this. They’re much too busy taking Donald Trump out of context so they can fabricate another attack story against him.

Gutierrez wasn’t the only one to show disrespect for Americans murdered by illegal aliens. According to the John and Ken Show, Senator Chuck Schumer walked out of the hearing, where Americans were telling Congress about how their family members had been murdered by illegal aliens. Mr. Schumer didn’t want to waste his time listening to Americans grieve. He had other things to do, like writing up more police state legislation like the Patriot Act to take more Rights away from ordinary Americans. You know, the same Americans, whose lives, he clearly cares nothing about.

Why anyone votes for these arrogant, despicable Democrats is beyond me. Even liberal voters should have more humanity than that, but these are the kind of monsters, who sit in Congress and make laws that take our freedom away and which flood our nation with Third World invaders.

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