Lawsuit against Cosby over Rape of 15 Year Old Clears another Hurdle

by James Buchanan

Bill Cosby is likely one of the most prolific serial rapists in the world. Cosby was used by the Jewish entertainment media to brainwash White people into thinking that Blacks were just like White people by playing the character “Dr. Huxtable” on the Bill Cosby Show. Ironically, the Black, whom the Jews chose for this purpose, was in fact a serial rapist, who used his fame and media connections to intimidate young models and actresses into remaining silent about what he had done to them.

A RadarOnline article reports “Bill Cosby has suffered yet another legal setback! Not long after his disturbing deposition was released to the media, has learned he will be forced to undergo another deposition from famed attorney, Gloria Allred.”

“Allred is representing Judy Huth in her case against the actor.”

“In a statement released Wednesday, she told Radar, “Today, I am extremely happy to announce that we have won a major victory in the case of Judy Huth v. William H. Cosby. In our case we represent Ms. Huth in a lawsuit alleging that Mr. Cosby committed acts of sexual misconduct on her at the Playboy Mansion when she was only 15 years old.’”

Transcript portions and then the entire transcript of Bill Cosby’s deposition in the Andrea Constand lawsuit were obtained by the press this month, revealing that Cosby admitted obtaining Quaaludes for the purpose of drugging women to have sex with him. This information has battered away what little credibility Bill Cosby may have had left.

Most Americans were convinced Cosby probably was guilty of drugging and raping women after the first dozen women came forward accusing him of this last year. This first group of women had been over 18 when Cosby drugged and raped them and the events were past the statute of limitations for either criminal or civil prosecution. None of these women had any hope of getting money from a lawsuit or settlement, making their accusations extremely credible. Adding to their credibility was the consistency of their stories in which Cosby would slip them something in a drink; they would pass out, wake up hours later and find themselves disheveled and violated.

It’s a shame that Bill Cosby can’t be criminally prosecuted so far. This lawsuit will only financially punish Cosby. Most likely he’ll offer to pay out a very large amount of money on the condition that the victim of this rape not talk about this with the press.

There may be more victims, who were drugged and raped within the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution. If one can be found, perhaps Cosby can finally be put on trial, convicted and sent to jail for his horrendous criminal behavior and some justice can be obtained in this world.


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