Trump Questions McCain’s Hero Status

Donald Trump

by James

The RINOs in the GOP are desperately looking for any straw, they can grope onto, to call for Trump to drop out of the Republican primary. Meanwhile, Trump continues to increase his lead over all the illegal alien-coddling opponents in opinion polls of Republicans, scoring 24 percent in the latest poll, far ahead of Scott Walker at 13 percent and Jeb Bush at 12 percent in an ABC poll.

In the latest liberal media teapot tempest, Trump accurately pointed out that being shot down by the North Vietnamese did not make John McCain a hero. The liberal media reacted as if this were the worst thing anyone ever said about veterans, but the truth is that not everyone in the military is a hero. A hero gets medals for extraordinary courage in war time. McCain’s service did not earn him any medals until AFTER he was shot down. Only then was political pressure brought to bear to give McCain a closet full of medals, not one of which had been even suggested before he was shot down. McCain’s father and grandfather were both admirals in the Navy.

Some folks have suggested that McCain’s behavior as a POW was so honorable that he deserved praise and decorations for that. Some of McCain’s fellow POWs however have gone on the record saying the complete opposite about him. McCain did turn down an offer to leave prison early, which raises the question “Why would the Communist North Vietnamese offer McCain an early release?” The liberal media says that it was because McCain was the son of an admiral, but why would they care about that and want to do him a favor?

McCain is accused of collaborating with the enemy and making propaganda broadcasts for them. Perhaps, this collaboration with the enemy is the reason for them being inclined to release him early. None of the other pilots got a similar offer. Either McCain was being paid back for reading Communist propaganda or his family was so well connected that they could do anything for him including getting him out of a Communist prison. If McCain wanted a career in politics, he couldn’t accept an early release from prison so this raises the question just how “heroic” was his decision? Seems more like a necessary decision to stay in prison for someone who was already planning a career in politics. Also being released early would raise the question “Why did they release him early?” and someone might look into what he did for the Communists to earn his early release.

McCain gets good press because he’s a liberal “Republican” and because he’s supported two Amnesty bills in the Senate. That’s the sort of person the liberal media likes. Donald Trump however wants to deport illegal aliens so he gets misquoted, taken out of context and smeared by the media almost every times he speaks.


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