Liberals Resort to Dishonesty to Defend Illegals and to Attack Trump

Prison by Race

by James Buchanan

In some recent interviews, the liberals have pulled an old trick out of their bag: When losing an argument, start lying. Donald Trump has been pointing out that the illegal aliens coming to the US are overwhelmingly not very intelligent and have a serious criminal component. In fact, an article at the Huffington Post claimed that 80 percent of refugees headed for the US were raped, which led Trump to ask one liberal (if the illegals coming here are so law-abiding then) “Who’s doing all the raping?” The liberals of course took Trump’s question out of context to try to make him look bad.

An article on Breitbart reports “Arguments ripe with deception, trickery, and data manipulation are being presented to attack Donald Trump’s assertions on illegal immigrants who come from Mexico. The vast majority of media coverage chose to claim that Trump had made comments on all immigrants from Mexico. Trump’s detractors then used statistics on all immigrants in the U.S. from the entire world to attack and discredit Trump’s assertions.”

Well, of course the legal immigrants, who are screened and who jump through all the hoops to become US citizenship are going to be much better than the illegal aliens. This is as shameful a liberal deception as the pictures of the ten year old Trayvon Martin that were used to demonize George Zimmerman.

The article continues “The recent Anderson Cooper interview with Trump began well, as Cooper used the term ‘illegal immigrants’ to describe Trump’s comments and to set the parameters on the interview discussion. Though Cooper started the segment using the term ‘illegal immigration,’ he quickly relied on a Pew Research Center study on “immigrants” and crime levels, not ‘illegal immigrants.’ Trump missed the sly change, and the apples-to-apples debate morphed into an apples-to-oranges debate with one side unaware of the subtle, but significant, switch.”

The liberals may have thought they pulled a fast one on the American public, but they didn’t. Trump is telling the truth about illegal aliens, and the liberal media is doing back flips trying to portray illegals as something they’re not. When I first heard that liberals were claiming or implying that illegals had the same crime rate as ordinary Americans, my first thought was “The liberals really are desperate to stop this man. No lie is too big for them this time.”

The crime map above shows the crime rates per 100,000 people for Whites, Latinos and Blacks. Not too surprisingly, Blacks commit the most crimes per 100,000 while Mexicans commit the second most and Whites are a distant third. Anyone who has lived in a major US city should know that this is how crime breaks down racially. When the liberals try to imply the Latino crime rate isn’t higher, they are just insulting the intelligence of people, who have real life experience and who don’t live in the liberal bubble over at CNN.


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