Trump Speaks before Massive Enthusiastic Crowd in Phoenix, Gains Momentum

Trump Rally1

by James Buchanan

Just days after Trump pulled into the lead of the GOP presidential field in two polls, Donald Trump has held a truly impressive mass rally in Phoenix. The original venue was to be a 500 person meeting room, which quickly had to be expanded to the Phoenix Convention Center to accommodate the thousands of people, who had shown up to see him.

A CNN article notes “Trump announced late Thursday that his weekend rally in Phoenix, Arizona had been moved to the Phoenix Convention Center.”

“‘Due to the overwhelming response for Saturday’s Rally in Phoenix, Arizona the venue has been changed to accommodate the thousands of people expected to attend and the event will now take place at the Phoenix Convention Center,’ Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks said in a statement.”

Many people in Arizona have been angry about Barack Obama stopping a popularly-passed law, SB1070, which was meant to begin deporting illegal aliens, who were discovered during traffic stops or other brushes with law enforcement, and for the state of Arizona to take over the job of arresting illegal aliens that Barack Obama refused to do.

The liberal media is acting as though Donald Trump is breaking some taboo by discussing the illegal alien problem, but the truth is that Trump has tapped into an issue that Americans are extremely upset over. We know the Democrats want illegal aliens, primarily from Mexico, as future voters. Many Americans have voted for the Republican party hoping that they will do something to no avail. Despite electing Republican presidents three times over the last 27 years we’ve been let down every time when it came to deporting the ever-growing number of illegals. The liberals of the Bush family sold us out every time, and they have the nerve to run Jeb Bush and his Latino wife, thinking that we’re foolish enough to trust him to deport illegals!!

Trump has pointed out that he doesn’t need money to run for president from big corporations that profit from flooding the labor marker with illegal aliens, which is where all the other Republicans candidates fail. They either can’t raise enough money to run in the first place, or they take corporate money and then stab the voters in the back like the “read my lips” promise-breakers of the Bush family.

Trump still has to deal with the hostility of the liberal media, but it is quickly turning into an “us versus them” situation for ordinary Americans, who don’t want America turning into northern Mexico, versus the liberal media which is joined at the hip with the Democrat Party, which wants to destroy the White majority in America. The last president who stood his ground against the liberal media, instead of giving into it, was Ronald Reagan.

The liberal media has given us one pro-Amnesty president after another for the last 27 years, culminating with Barack Obama, who apparently doesn’t even want criminals with multiple-felonies to be deported as witnessed in the death of Kathryn Steinle at the hands of a Mexican illegal alien who had seven felonies on his record. Americans want a return to sanity and a president who will enforce immigration law, not ignore it.


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