Subpoena the Sea Hag’s Server?

Hillary mad

by Jeff Davis

The Washington Times reports: “The president of a conservative watchdog group says now that it is known that classified information was contained in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private stash of State Department emails, it is time for the government to seize her personal server and related storage disks to determine whether security was breached during her tenure as secretary of state.”

If you were a Defense worker with a mere Top Secret clearance, and you took home classified information and put it on your home computer without permission, you would be in very serious trouble, but if your first name is Hillary and your last name is Clinton, you apparently can ignore the law and maybe even shoot an old lover in the White House and get away with it.

“Thomas Fitton, who runs Judicial Watch, has filed, along with other groups, lawsuits to force the State Department to turn over memos and emails. These include Mrs. Clinton’s messages stored on her private, at-home server through which she exclusively conducted government business. A State Department official told a Senate committee this year that her practice was not acceptable.”

“U.S. guidelines are in place for the government to examine computer components that housed classified data without authorization. Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit in May against Secretary of State John F. Kerry in an effort to have a federal judge order the government to seize Mrs. Clinton’s emails. With last week’s disclosure of classified material being contained in her messages, the watchdog group says its case is stronger.”

By the time, if ever, that you can get such a court order, all the pertinent e-mails will be long gone and the formatted hard drives will be lying at the bottom of the East River.

These attempts to look into wrong-doing by Hillary are being stonewalled just like any attempts to get Obama’s actual birth certificate or his college records or an official document of any kind even stating that Obama was born on this planet somewhere.

By the way, why is a private body having to file suit to compel the United States government to enforce its own laws?

The bottom line here is that Hillary Clinton is above the law. She’s not going to jail for Whitewater, for the Rose Law Firm, for Vince Foster’s untimely demise or for anything else. Thankfully, we do have enough political freedom remaining to defeat her at the ballot box, which appears to be the only way to bring any justice to the Sea Hag.


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