Trump Places First in Two Latest Polls

Donald Trump

by James Bucahanan

An article from Business Insider reports “Donald Trump’s position on immigration does not seem to be hurting the real-estate developer’s standing in the Republican presidential primary.”

“Two new polls have him in first place among registered Republican voters.”

“The latest poll arrived Thursday. In the Economist/YouGov poll, Trump holds 15% of the Republican vote nationally — ahead of former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida (11%).”

“The good news for Trump doesn’t stop there.”

“‘Trump looks even better as a candidate this week when Republicans are asked for their second choice,’ YouGov’s Kathy Frankovic wrote along with the results. ‘When they are, Trump extends his lead. One in four Republicans who are registered to vote say he is their first or second choice.'”

If a Republican wants to get a quick and loyal following, he should come out clearly and forcefully on the immigration issue. While all the other top candidates are waffling on the illegal immigrant issue, Trump is saying in clear language what the White majority has longed to hear.

Back in the 2008 Republican primary, Congressman Tom Tancredo was able to get 18 percent of the vote in a crowded field of candidates thanks to his strong stand on immigration.

In 2016, the illegal alien issue is an even bigger concern among White voters. The Obama regime was caught making an order for 34 million green cards and work permits, which betrays the fact that the illegal alien problem is much bigger than we’ve been told. Obama passed his “Dreamer Amnesty” without Congress. Then he allowed a flood of illegal alien children from Central America. It appears as though Obama won’t deport any illegal aliens, including dangerous criminals, for the rest of his time in office, and the gutless Speaker of the House, John Boehner won’t impeach Obama for failing to enforce the law.

The Republican candidates competing with Trump, take donations from big corporations that want the labor market flooded with Latinos, so they will only make insincere claims about “securing the border” or the even lamer “immigration reform” which always seems to come down to an Amnesty.

Trump deserves to be in first place if he has the guts to take a stand on immigration and hold fast against all the abuse from the Left, who can’t wait to turn America into a Third World country.


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