The Latino Vote for the GOP Is Insignificant!!!

Latino Vote

by James Buchanan

Why are so many Republicans so thick-headed on this subject? I suppose they see the changing demographics of America caused by Democrats, and they assume their only option is to pander to the increasing Third World population inside the US and to ignore the concerns of the White majority.

Has it ever occurred to any of these Republicans that they too can change the immigration laws? That they can shut off immigration from the Third World if they so desire and preserve the White majority so that they don’t have to twist and contort themselves making ridiculous clumsy overtures to Latino voters, that tend to go ignored.

Wouldn’t preserving the White majority in America be their best course of action if they plan on raising their children in what’s-left-of-America? Or are they so narrowly focused that they choose to pander to Latinos by approving amnesties so that they can rule over a ruined America with a Third World majority?

The Latino vote for the GOP in presidential elections has ranged from 10 to 39 percent. In other words, the Republicans have never gotten anywhere near a majority even with the pro-Amnesty George W. Bush. That’s 10 to 39 percent of however many Latinos vote out of the legal portion of their 13 percent of the US population, so we’re talking about at most just a couple percent difference out of the total vote. For every Latino vote gained, two or three White votes are lost by the Republicans as Whites feel alienated by the GOP pandering to Latinos. Those potential White voters stay home on election day concluding that both parties are working against their interests.

If a Republican candidate vowed to deport all the illegal aliens, he could attract 20 to 30 percent of the White population, which normally doesn’t vote. Since the bleeding heart liberals were already going to vote for the Democrats, their vote doesn’t matter, and a tiny shift in the Latino voting would also not matter.

There may even be a significant portion of the legal Latino population in the US that doesn’t want the illegals staying or getting Amnesty. Remember that the illegals create competition for working class jobs and drive down wages as well as creating overcrowding, not to mention the vicious drug gang criminals, who have come across the border. If (legal) Jose’ can vote Republican and get rid of all his deadbeat cousins, who keep borrowing money from him, he probably will.

The one thing the Republicans can do to start stacking the deck in their favor is to deport all the illegal alien Latinos and to STOP importing all the job-stealing Hindus and other Asians who have H1B visas. There is absolutely no reason why America has to change into some multi-racial Babylon, just because the Democrats are pushing for it.

An opposition party is supposed to OPPOSE. The Republicans should not only oppose Democrats on welfare state issues, they should oppose attempts by the Left to destroy the White majority in America, especially since that White majority has been the most significant factor in electing Republicans.

It’s true that big business wants to flood America with cheap Third World labor, but that clearly has to come to a stop; otherwise America’s White majority will be lost forever. Corporations in America need to understand that you can’t poison the gene pool in America to gain more profits anymore than you can dump poison into a river.

If the Republican leadership refuses to listen to White people and if it chooses to follow in the liberal footsteps of the Democrat Party, the White people of America will have no choice but to give up on the GOP and to start a pro-White Party that clearly supports our issues and which will fight against immigration policies that favor invaders from the Third World.


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