Minnesota Public Schools Turning Black

Black student

by Jeff Davis

The Austin (in Minnesota) Bulletin reports: “Forty-eight percent of Austin Public Schools’ students are students of color, but more than 90 percent of the district’s employees are white. The district hires 30 to 60 teachers every year, but finding qualified non-white teachers has proven difficult, Austin Superintendent of Schools David Krenz said.”

That is because non-Whites have low IQs, and very few of them are capable of satisfying the minimal standards to become public school teachers, which means a court will no doubt rule that those requirements are “racist” and need to be abolished.

“‘Minnesota has struggled to find teachers of diversity mainly because as a state we did not have a lot of diversity,’ he said.”

“To address the disparity, the Austin school district plans to grow its own teachers. Austin’s initiative has two main goals: Find diverse teachers to fill open positions, (in other words, hire people on the basis of skin color with taxpayer’s money) and provide educational opportunities for students of different backgrounds who are potential first-generation college students.”

Entire nations in Africa have average -I repeat- average IQs below 70 points, which is considered an IQ limit for mental retardation. Blacks in America have an average IQ somewhere in the range 79 to 85. Latinos (such as Mexicans) have an average IQ of 87 points.

If they relax the standards to create more public school teachers, it will be the blind teaching the blind.

Why do they want Black teachers? Because the Blacks students are doing awful, and someone has the “bright” idea that Black teachers will make some magical difference. In reality, a Black teacher is more likely to not teach things properly. A Black teacher probably won’t stop them from speaking “ebonics” (the ghetto talk gibberish most big city Negroes speak). And a Black teacher won’t have much more control unless they institute corporal punishment to keep the little wild savages under control.

The Blacks will destroy the public schools in Minnesota, just as they have done everywhere else in America. Black students will also destroy any chance the remaining poor White kids in those public schools might have had to get some kind of education.


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