Black Flash Mob Trashes Wal-Mart in Georgia

Georgia Wal-Mart flash mob

by James Buchanan

An ABC News article reports “Police are looking for about 50 teens that allegedly trashed a Walmart in Georgia. The Bibb County Sheriff’s office released surveillance footage of the group ransacking the store in Macon, Georgia, just before 2 a.m. on Sunday morning. The group of 40 to 50 teens went down the store’s main aisle, pulling merchandise off the shelves, before turning around and running out, Bibb County Sheriff’s office Lt. Sean DeFoe told ABC News today.”

“’Out of all my years of law enforcement, I’ve never seen anything happen like this,’ he added. As the video above shows, the teens ransacked the store, then scattered and fled from the parking lot in multiple cars. Police identified and arrested 17-year-old Kharron Nathan Green after he went back into the store to get his cellphone that he had apparently dropped during the incident. DeFoe said Green was arrested on charges of second-degree criminal damage to property and inciting a riot since he allegedly appeared to be the group’s leader… Green told his parents the group was at a party before they decided to go to the Walmart and ’cause as much damage as they could,’ according to DeFoe.”

So a mob of 50 Blacks decided it would be “fun” to run into a Wal-Mart, smash as many things as possible and then run out.

How much vandalism in every school and in every big city and every housing project due to Blacks gets added onto our tax bill every year? Some liberals still may not “get it,” but it seems pretty obvious to the rest of us that a large percentage of Black people hate White people. They have no respect for our property, and many of them have no respect for our lives.

A sane society would have expelled a population like the Blacks decades ago. The reason the Blacks are still in the US can be traced down to one reason: Crooked politicians who count on getting their votes.

Since the end of Segregation, over 50,000 White people have been murdered by Blacks. What have Blacks contributed to America to make up for this? Basically nothing. Just menial labor for the most part, which is being taken over by Latinos. Eventually, we will have robots that do the menial work that the Latinos are now doing and then we won’t need either Blacks or Latinos, but the Democrat Party will want them to stay, no matter how many murders, rapes and other crimes they commit, because they need their votes.

We need to wake up as many White people as possible to the problem of minority crime and the need to remove Blacks and Latinos from the US so that White people can have a safe homeland for White children to grow up in.


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