Supreme Court Enables Illegal Aliens to Vote

Illegal Immigration

by Jeff Davis

Not only are we allowing anybody who wants to to walk through the door and live here off the American taxpayer do so, but we are now allowing people, who are not even citizens, to vote in our elections. Have we become genuinely insane?

An article from reports: “Monday’s big election law news came from the Supreme Court’s penultimate decision of the term upholding Arizona’s congressional districts. But before handing down its last three decisions, the court made voting-rights advocates happy by deciding not to review a different election case. ‘Arizona citizens can continue to participate in voter registration drives without worrying about not having proof of citizenship documents,’ Shirley Sandelands, of the League of Women Voters of Arizona, said in a statement Monday.”

Excuse me, but Arizona or American citizens tend to have driver’s licenses; illegal aliens do not.

“The case, Kobach, et al. v. Election Assistance Commission, et al., was about whether Arizona and Kansas could require voters to prove their citizenship when registering to vote with the so-called ‘federal form.’ Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach led the suit against the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, which was an appeal of a lower court decision.”

Basically, anyone can vote without ID as long as they check a box that says I swear I’m a US citizen under penalty of perjury. And how many Democrats were charged with vote fraud in the last election? Maybe five or ten for the whole country. Not much of a disincentive.

Why are the Democrats and the Supreme Court doing this? Because every state that required photo ID in 2012 voted against Barack Obama. When they actually count the votes, Democrats are much more likely to lose.


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