Burn a Gay Flag on July 4th?

Burning Gay Flag

by James Buchanan

An opinion article posted on Sodahead.com suggests “This public protest…. is focusing on these (Gay activists) and their anti-Free Speech agenda and since the Supreme Court has ruled burning of the US Flag is a form of protected speech, so is the burning of the gay flag an example of that protection.”

Instead of buying a Gay flag, just grab an image of one off the Internet and send it to a color printer and then burn the print out. Just make sure you’re in a place where you can legally burn it.

We should do something in response to the recent Supreme Court decision on Gay marriage. This is outright judicial tyranny and “legislating by the Bench.” Does anyone seriously believe that any of the Founding Fathers would have supported civil rights for sodomites?

This is an affront to White culture and Christianity and it should not go overlooked. Burning Gay flags on July 4th will get the attention of the smug elitist liberals, who think they can dictate to us. Our enemies have gone too far and we will use this Supreme Court decision against them, hopefully to destroy the corrupt two-party system in the very near future.

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