Federal Court Wants Two Illegal Aliens Reverse Deported

by Jeff Davis

I hope all the liberal White people who voted for Obama and Clinton and who see no problem with leaving the border wide open, become victims of drunk driving accidents by illegals, and their children find themselves second in line to less-qualified Latinos when they try to get jobs and wind up living with their liberal parents forever and ever because liberals have created the insane situation as reflected in the story below. I pray for the day that the US splits up into a pro-White nation that will salvage some of America’s past greatness and a liberal, Diversity-obsessed Babylon that will quickly go bankrupt.

A recent news article reports: “A U.S. Court of Appeals judge has ordered U.S. officials to intercept a mother and her 12-year-old daughter on plane Friday being deported to Guatemala and immediately return them to the United States. The 34-year-old mother, Ana, and her daughter were woken up at 3 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on Friday and pulled from their rooms at a Pennsylvania family detention center, where they had been living for over a year, said her attorney, Bridget Cambria. By 10 a.m., the two were placed on a plane flying to Panama City, where they would catch a second flight to Guatemala City.”

“In a rare move that will likely draw more attention to the controversial practice of family detention, Chief Judge Theodore A. McKee of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ordered U.S. officials to stop Ana and her daughter when they arrive in Guatemala City and immediately return them to the United State ‘If the government is unable to intercept Petitioners at the airport, they must locate Petitioners in Guatemala and return them to the United States as quickly as possible,’ McKee wrote in his June 19 order.”

“Reached Friday night, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said they were reviewing the court’s order. ‘Right now the agency is working to prepare a way forward for all parties involved in the case,’ said spokeswoman Gillian Christensen.”

Why the hell would any judge try to BRING BACK an illegal alien family once it’s been deported, especially after a year of delays with the family almost certainly drawing money from various hand out programs in the meantime?

The article continues “McClatchy isn’t sharing Ana’s last name because of concerns she and her lawyer have about possible reprisals from those she had fled in Guatemala.”

Oh Bull feathers!!! They’re probably afraid that US citizens will call their Congressman and demand that they be deported by name.

She was obviously pulling the old “asylum” trick. The coyotes sell kits telling the illegals how to go about claiming political asylum. What stories to tell, etc. Instead of offering Third World people asylum in the US (or Europe), we should only allow Third World people to get political asylum in another Third World country with an equivalent standard of living. This way, we could eliminate 99.99999 percent of the Asylum requests which happen to be phony by the way. We could pay some foreign aid to the dictator of another Third World country to accept the remaining legitimate political refugees.

The article goes on “Cambria had asked the court to block Ana’s deportation while her latest appeal was pending. In its opposition to that request, the U.S. attorney’s office told the court that, as of June 9, immigration officials had no plans to remove Ana and her daughter. She was then removed 10 days later at 9:55 a.m. Friday morning.”

How ridiculous can this insane regime get? Don’t answer that. I’m afraid there simply isn’t any bottom limit any more. The Obama regime filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona when it passed a state law to help collect and deport illegal aliens, and now the Obama regime wants the immigration department to “take back” a deportation that was long overdue. Too bad the gutless traitor, John Boehner still says that “Impeachment is off the table” because that’s exactly what should be done to Obama in response to his sabotage of American immigration law.


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