One Million Italians Protest Gay Marriage

by James Buchanan

An AFP article reports ” Hundreds of thousands of Italians gathered in Rome Saturday to demonstrate against gay unions and the teaching of gender theories in schools, as Prime Minister Matteo Renzi tries to push a civil union bill through parliament.”

“Holding aloft banners reading “The family will save the world” and “Let’s defend our children”, a sea of people crammed into the San Giovanni square near the Italian capital’s historic centre to support family values.”

“The square, which can hold an estimated 300,000 people, was overflowing with the young, elderly and parents with toddlers, an AFP photographer said, with many more demonstrators spilling into nearby streets. Organisers for their part said one million people were taking part. Italian police never provide figures for demos.”

So a massive crowd numbering over 300,000 and possibly as high as a million demonstrated in Italy against Gay marriage. Clearly, the will of the White people of Italy is strongly against Gay marriage, but you would never know this if you watched the mainstream news media in the US, which strongly favors homosexuals.

Gay marriage has been “legalized” almost exclusively in US states by lawsuits and tyrannical judgments by Jewish and Freemason federal judges.

The article continues ‘In my children’s schools they are talking about families made up of two fathers or two mothers, without asking parents’ permission,’ said 41-year old doctor Giuseppe Ripa, adding: ‘It’s dangerous and wrong.'”

White people in America also strongly objected to homosexual propaganda being taught to children in the public schools.

The so-called Western “democracies” are little more than a sham. Instead of listening to the people on important issues of morality, a small dictatorship of degenerate elitists want to tell us what is “acceptable” and what is not.


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