Jews Being Jews Again

Jews Control the Media

by Jeff Davis

The Jewish people have an incredible knack for wearing out their welcome, wherever they go. This centuries-old behavior pattern is now being acted out yet again in New York.

An article on reports: “The executive of the heavily haredi [Orthodox Jewish] Rockland County, New York, Ed Day writes in his Rockland County Times column:”

“’My administration has a steadfast commitment to address quality of life issues in Rockland County. Stemming the tide of unsafe, illegal housing and overcrowding is paramount to ensuring the health and safety of our people. This week, we fire the first salvo in a well-orchestrated battle against exploitive absentee landlords and property owners who put lives at risk. It’s called The Rockland Codes Initiative.'”

“From Stony Point to Suffern, jerry-built rooms and shared extension cords have become the norm for thousands of tenants, most on the lower rung of the socioeconomic ladder. And, we’re not alone in Rockland County. All across the region, there’s a growing problem with millions of undocumented immigrants, many living in illegal housing provided by unscrupulous landlords who receive cash for rentals.”

For anyone unfamiliar with Jewish landlords, they are notorious for not fixing anything in the rental apartments, they own. The hapless tenants must suffer the problems or repair the problems themselves.

The article continues “Some property owners think that violating health and building codes is no big deal. Some think that chopping up apartments and herding humans like cattle is the cost of doing business. Well, think again. The Rockland Codes Initiative will utilize the sweeping powers of the County’s sanitary code to inspect dwellings and issue violations, allowing us to fight back against those who think it’s no big deal to take advantage of those who have little voice.”

Needless to say, Jewish landlords are trying to shut this guy down using the courts and gerrymandered elections using their money and their hordes of new Jewish voters brought in from the cesspool that is New York City.

The Jews have at one time or another throughout history been expelled from every Christian nation in Europe. They’ve managed to avoid scrutiny in the US so far, but it’s starting to leak out on the Internet how the Jewish media controls both parties and how the Jews plan to destroy America with Third World immigration whether we like it or not. You don’t suppose that sort of arrogant and tyrannical behavior might alienate people once they wake up to it?


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