Charleston Shooting: Only Black Lives Matter to the Liberal Media

Baltimore Mom and her killers

The liberal media has been predictably obsessed with a mass shooting at a Black church. An article on Yahoo News reports “The nation is mourning the deaths of nine people who were killed while gathered in prayer at a historically black church in Charleston, S.C.”

“A white gunman attended a Bible study class at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church for about an hour Wednesday night before opening fire.”

The gunman, Dylann Roof appears to hold White Supremacist beliefs and was upset about the Trayvon Martin incident and the Ferguson riots.

Most Americans don’t know that a series of Black-on-White murders took place after the Trayvon Martin incident, largely thanks to the misreporting of the incident by the liberal Jewish-owned news media. Black-on-White murders took place all the around the country.

Below are nine murders of White people over the last two years, that got very little media attention aside from local reporting. Most of these murders were due to “Typical Negro Behavior” and a complete lack of respect for White lives by Black teens.

The Herald Sun reports: “AN Oklahoma court has been told how one of the boys accused of murdering Melbourne baseballer Chris Lane…”

An article from WBALTV reports: “Baltimore City police have arrested two teenagers in connection with the killing of a woman in her Patterson Park home, while neighbors say they’re shocked and saddened at the loss of such a good person.”

Massachusetts teen accused of killing teacher may have recorded murder, report says | Fox News

Black-On-White Crime Blog: Black female kills White co-ed to ‘show-off’ to her friends

2 arrested in shooting death of Ft. Campbell soldier – WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports

Two Black Teens Murder 88 Year Old WW2 Veteran, Delbert “Shorty” Belton

16-Year-Old Negro Murdered 22-Year-Old White Man Because He Had a Bad Day

Negro Stabs White Jogger to Death

American soldier murdered by blacks.

I don’t recall any of the Black poverty-pimp preachers condemning these nine Black-on-White murders or telling Black teens to quit murdering innocent White people. So what credibility do they have going on national TV shows now that a White youth has shot nine of them?

The solution to America’s racial problems is to separate the races. Retaliating against the Blacks is futile and will only result in a tidal wave of liberal media attacks on the pro-White movement. We need to circulate the idea that the races can and should be segregated, the way they were before liberals and Jews began experimenting with American society and pushing Blacks into White schools and neighborhoods. The cost of “integration” has been over 50,000 White people murdered by Blacks.


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