Consulting Firm Advocating Even Worse Policies for Public Schools

Black student

by Jeff Davis

Last week, I reported on how a consulting firm, P.E.G. was getting paid handsomely to make public schools worse. Well, there’s more to the story.

An article on reports: “Last week we were stunned to learn that chaos has been the norm in the St. Paul, Minnesota school district, due to a student disciplinary policy that replaces suspensions with time-outs, counseling and other less punitive measures. We also learned that the controversial policy was influenced by the Pacific Educational Group (PEG), a radical San Francisco-based consulting firm that claims black students lag behind academically, and tend to have more disciplinary problems, because American K-12 education is designed to benefit white students – aka “white privilege.”

“Now it’s becoming obvious that several other large school districts around the nation are in the same situation as St. Paul . They’ve all instituted radical disciplinary policies to reduce the number of black student suspensions, they’ve all experienced serious behavioral problems as a result, and they’re all included on a recent list of PEG client school districts. That begs a simple, disturbing question – is PEG making a lot of money by promoting policies in public schools that lead to chaos and danger for students and staff?

“In St. Paul, the media directly connected PEG to the radical new disciplinary policies that have teachers, parents and union officials complaining about a lack of safety in hallways and classrooms.The St. Paul Pioneer Press wrote that ‘PEG’s input has spurred district-wide changes in St. Paul, from a push to reduce suspensions to a bid to integrate students with intensive special needs into mainstream classrooms.”

Why would anyone do that? Do they genuinely not care what will happen to the normal White kids still in the public schools who will suddenly be confronted by criminally insane, psychotic bullies?

The article continues “Critics say PEG’s work has alienated some educators and, in recasting certain discipline issues as cultural misunderstandings, let disruptive students and their families off the hook.”

I’m a critic of this plan and I say it is going to get innocent people KILLED.

It’s not cultural. It is racial. It is genetic. G-E-N-E-T-I-C.

The article notes “PEG’s connection to similarly passive disciplinary policies in the Madison, Wisconsin; Denver; Philadelphia; Los Angeles, Oakland and Portland school districts is not quite as obvious. No news reports have surfaced claiming the organization played a direct role in encouraging school officials to adopt or implement policies that allow violent and unruly behavior to go unchecked.”

“But all six of those districts were included on a PEG client list that was published on the organization’s website last October. A more recent list was pulled off the PEG website last week, following revelations about the severe disciplinary problems in St. Paul.”

“Meanwhile, we know that Glenn Singleton, founder and CEO of PEG, tends to excuse violent behavior committed by black students. ‘White educators are prone to wondering why black and brown boys are prone to fighting in school… They question why violence is taught in homes of color. Missing from this analysis however is how these boys might be affected by growing up in a white-governed country which threatens young men of color at will, distrusts their ability to succeed and follow the law, and allows daily racial stress to mount in neighborhoods, schools and classrooms.”

Instead of blaming White culture for Black violence in schools, how about blaming the specific Black thugs, who bully their fellow students and teachers? A consulting firm that makes excuses for Black violence will never solve the problem of Black violence. Not punishing Black violence is the worst idea imaginable and this is what the far left consulting firm P.E.G. has made the policy for many public schools.


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