Consulting Firm Helping to Destroy Public Schools

Black student

by Jeff Buchanan

An article from reports “Have the taxpayers of St. Paul spent nearly $3 million over the past five years to bring chaos and danger to their schools and students? Apparently so.”

“In 2010, the St. Paul school district began a contractual relationship with the Pacific Educational Group, a San Francisco-based organization that tries to help public schools deal with achievement and disciplinary issues involving black students.”

Isn’t it curious that our capitalist society has spawned consulting firms that deal specifically with trying to keep Black students under control in a public school environment?

The article continues “PEG packages and sells the concept of victimization, for a very high price. It claims that the American education system is built around white culture, tradition and social norms – aka ‘white privilege’ – to the unfair detriment of black students. PEG believes that black students will only achieve if school curricula are customized to meet their cultural specifications. It also rejects the concept of using suspensions or expulsions to discipline black students.”

The leftist obsession with the concept of “White Privilege” is both untrue and designed to instill more Black hatred against White people. White people have been second class citizens behind Blacks and Latinos for over 40 years thanks to Affirmative Action and racial quotas. Even with this massive advantage, Blacks are still far behind Whites on average and everyone knows that.

The article goes on “Not long after PEG started working with St. Paul school officials, crucial policy changes were made, according to various news reports. Special needs students with behavioral issues were mainstreamed into regular classrooms, a position openly advocated by PEG.”

This of course is insanity even in an all-Black school. You must remove the people who can’t learn or who are disruptive to other students.

“Student suspensions were replaced by time outs, and school officials starting forgiving or ignoring violence and other unacceptable behavior, according to various sources.”

Basically, they let the savages run wild and paid these consultants large sums of taxpayer money for all the bad advice. Good luck to any White students who may still be trapped in the public school system.

“The disciplinary changes came out of meetings with an organization called Pacific Educational Group, a San Francisco-based operation that has been consulting with the district dating back to 2010. The result has been general chaos throughout the district, with far too many students out of control because they know there are no real consequences for their actions.”

Really? Why, imagine that!

“A local publication called CityPages recently told the story of Becky McQueen, an educator at St. Paul ’s Harding High School . ‘Last spring, when she stepped into a fight between two basketball players, one grabbed her shoulder and head, throwing her aside,” the CityPages article explained. ‘The kid was only sent home for a couple of days. In March, when a student barged into her class, McQueen happened to be standing in the doorway and got crushed into a shelf. The following week, two boys came storming in, hit a girl in the head, then skipped back out. One of them had already been written up more than 30 times.”

“Yet another student who repeatedly drops into her class has hit kids and cursed at an aide, once telling McQueen he would ‘fry her ass.’ She tried to make a joke of it — ‘Ooh, I could use a little weight loss.’ Her students interjected: ‘No, that means he’s gonna kill you.’” McQueen now has her students use a secret knock on the classroom door, so she will know who to allow in, the article said.”

Are these people still paying money to these consultants for wrecking their school?

Click on the link and read the rest of this story. Then try to figure out some way to get this into the hands of ordinary White people, who need to be woken up. We have to try and at least do something this time.


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