The Texas Pool “Party” Incident

Texas Pool Party

by James Buchanan

The liberal media has been blatantly misreporting another event to rile up Black people again. In this case, a swarm of inner city youth (Black teens) overwhelmed a private pool in a suburb of Dallas. The residents, who own the pool, called the police to evict the swarm of trespassers. One of the first officers on the scene decided to arrest a Black girl probably for trespassing at the pool. The girl repeatedly tries to squirm loose, and the officer has to pin her to the ground as some Black women start approaching to interfere. A White civilian gets between the Black women and the officer. Then two large Black males run up toward the officer, who draws his gun to deal with the threat that they were posing to him. One of the Blacks reached behind his back as if he had a gun.

The cowardly police chief immediately took the side of the liberal media and threw the police officer under the bus. The police officer resigned even though any objective analysis of the video available could see that he was completely justified in his actions. Perhaps, he was threatened with “police brutality” charges if he didn’t resign.

An article from the Blaze gives some background information: “It was advertised heavily on Twitter for a full month leading up to the event, and organized by a professional promoter named Tatiana Rhodes. Rhodes is a grown woman who, apparently along with her mom, put together this party primarily as a means to sell tickets to another event, Make It Clap Pt 2, which was supposed to happen in late June.”

“This was a massive blowout held in a private community, fully equipped with a DJ, advertised on social media to hundreds of people, but never once cleared with the local homeowners association. It was also promoted as a pool party (hence the giant image of a pool on the flyer), even though the pool is off limits to non-residents, unless they are guests of residents. Residents have a limited number of friends they can invite. I’m not sure what the number is, but I assume it’s somewhere south of 100. (The maximum number of guests is 20.)”

“The organizers claim they got permission, but the HOA confirmed to local media that they neither sought it nor received it. This fact is essential, because it confirms two things: 1) The people who threw this party did not care about respecting the clearly outlined rules of the community, and 2) They don’t mind lying.”

“It’s important to note that this was both designed and advertised as a loud and ruckus affair, held — again without permission — in the middle of a community, utilizing private resources, right next to a private pool where parents bring their young children.”

“It’s also perhaps relevant that the party goers were not innocent little children attending a “Dora the Explorer” themed birthday bash at Chuck E. Cheese. These were teens looking to get drunk and hookup…”

Let’s say some con man got hold of the entry code to some rich liberal’s front gate and advertised a wild pool party in the rich liberal’s backyard. How long do you think it would take that liberal to call police as he noticed the first few uninvited Black teens sneaking into his backyard and jumping into his pool? I doubt if you could find one White liberal who would just stand by idly as his backyard filled up with 200 rowdy inner city youths.

The only difference between that scenario and what happened in McKinney, Texas is that it was a community-owned pool. No one in that community gave permission for those youths to swarm the pool, and even if a homeowner there did, he could have only invited 20 people and it’s a good bet that H.O.A. rules don’t allow loud music and alcohol.

The police were called by the local residents, and one officer attempted to arrest one teenager, who repeatedly tried to squirm free, forcing the officer to restrain her more assertively. As the officer was becoming surrounded by hostile Blacks, he was compelled at one point to pull his gun to get two Black males to back off.

The individual, who fraudulently set up the “event” claiming to have permission, should be the person in the most trouble right now, facing a variety of criminal charges, but thanks to knee jerk liberal reporting the “mean” police officers were spoiling the “fun” of the Black “children” which apparently includes trespassing into a pool that they had no right to, causing a huge public disturbance and terrorizing the local White residents of that community.

The officer, who was probably forced to resign over this, had ten years on the force. He didn’t shoot anyone. He never hit the fourteen year old Black brat, who was repeatedly struggling against his attempt to arrest her. He was just doing his job and a pack of cretinous liberals in the mainstream media are gleefully rubbing their hands over the fact that yet another White police officer has lost his job because the liberal media misreported an incident involving Black criminal behavior and the police response to it.

The Sean Hannity Show repeatedly played the video of the incident, which should exonerate the officer. It’s a bit frustrating to hear Black “spokesmen” and lawyers, who don’t seem to think that a White police officer can pull his gun to defend himself no matter what.


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