The Continued Browning of America

US Election 2012 Whites Only

An article from reports: “Spartanburg churches are welcoming refugees who recently arrived here. Jason Lee, director of World Relief Spartanburg, said two refugees from the Congo arrived in Spartanburg in late May. He would not provide a specific date, citing security reasons. He pointed out that they are persecuted. Meanwhile, Rep. Trey Gowdy called the U.S. State Department’s response to his latest questions about a resettlement agency’s plan to sponsor refugees in Spartanburg “sorely inadequate.”

“Gowdy has invited the federal agency to brief elected officials on the refugee resettlement. The Republican congressman issued a statement Wednesday after receiving the State Department’s response.”

“Gowdy has written the federal agency twice to obtain details about plans to sponsor refugees in Spartanburg. World Relief, a faith-based refugee resettlement agency, opened a Spartanburg office earlier this year. The state Department of Social Services approved Spartanburg as a new refugee resettlement site, according to the State Department’s response.”

Everyone knows what’s going on here. Upstate South Carolina is a solid Republican area, meaning predominantly White. These foreigners are being brought in not only to achieve Obama’s stated social goal of “diversity” but also to dilute and eventually overrun such areas with “New Democrats” such as the hordes of Third World people, who have come to the US both illegally and legally.

Notice that the White residents of Spartanburg are not being asked if they want a flood of dirt poor Somalis or Congolese being dumped in their backyard. The opinions of White people (who still are a majority of the US) are never considered when liberals and Jews conspire with the government to bring in large numbers of Third World poor.

The number of Third World poor is so immense that bringing millions of them here to help them will only destroy the US while barely making a dent in the problem. An immigration expert has made an excellent youtube video to illustrate what sort of numbers we’re dealing with, which can be seen here:

The influx of “New Democrats” will also assist the Democratic party in their usual practice of massive vote fraud in 2016. At the rate we’re going. Pretty soon, the vote fraud will no longer be required, because White people will no longer be an electoral majority in this country.

What can you do about this? Contact your Congressman and tell him to stop all immigration from the Third World. If he doesn’t take you seriously, vote for his opponent in the next primary because this is where we have to get rid of the bad politicians: in the primaries.


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