Junkie Teacher’s Assistant in Denver Public School

Cassandra Rein

by Jeff Davis

An article from CBS Denver reports “A teacher’s aide who was found passed out in a bathroom by students at a northwest Denver school allegedly had a syringe sticking out of her arm… Cassandra Rein, 27, was found Thursday morning in the bathroom at Denver Center for International Studies at Ford Elementary School by four first grade girls who thought she was asleep.”

“Police documents state that upon closer inspection by a school employee, it was determined Rein was passed out in the restroom with a syringe hanging out of her arm, and a piece of metal foil, with an empty clear bag containing a small amount of unknown white powder by her side. When asked about the syringe, Rein allegedly said she has a roommate who is diabetic and she doesn’t know why she had the needle in her arm.”

“Rein was taken in an ambulance from the school, which is located on the 14,500 block of Maxwell Place . After arriving at the hospital she was arrested While Denver Public Schools has only gone as far as to say that Rein is a teacher’s aide, her Facebook page states she’s a preschool teacher. She was placed on administrative leave.”

Teacher’s aides are assigned in theory to do mundane stuff while teachers “work their magic” and turn out good little Democrat voters. In actual practice, their work consists of dealing with the massive educational bureaucracy and trying to control the behavior of little black and brown savages while not actually using any physical force to keep them under control, which is a futile task. I suspect working with the largely Mexican Denver public school system is enough to drive anyone to drink or heroin.

The article continues “Some parents of students at the school told CBS4 Thursday they were upset by the news, which many learned about from a letter sent home by the principal. ‘She wouldn’t be herself, might not make the best judgment calls. And if a kid were to get hold of it, God knows what else would happen,’ Shannon Neely said.”

“Rein appeared in court for an advisement hearing Friday morning and is expected to appear in court on Saturday. She remained in custody on Friday night on charges of possessing a controlled substance. The police papers state Rein’s bag and purse were left behind at the school and were searched. They allegedly contained ‘several bottles of various pills, several more syringes, and metal caps containing a burnt powder substance residue.’”

Ah, the glorious big city public schools, where White school children get beat up, stabbed or raped and where the teacher’s assistant is passed out with a needle in her arm. And some people wonder why White parents are taking their children to Charter schools or any other place.


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