Jewish Businessman Loots $1 Billion from Moldova’s Banks

Ilan Shor

by James Buchanan

Imagine a cabal of American Jews running off with all the gold in Fort Knox. That might just wake up a few Americans to Jewish thievery. Unfortunately, American Jews tend to be more subtle. By controlling the US money system for more than 100 years, the Federal Reserve Banking system has no doubt enabled the Jews, who own those banks, to make more money (through questionable means) than all the gold in Fort Knox. Anyhow, lets get back to Moldova.

An article on reports: “The Jewish community in the desperately poor Eastern European country of Moldova fears the arrest of a local Jewish businessman, Ilan Shor, in the $1 billion looting of local banks will spark a new wave of antisemitism.”

Curiously, people in other parts of the world, who get massively ripped off by -say- the likes of Bernie Madoff tend to hold a grudge. They may even focus on the tribe that the swindler belonged to. People in the US however have been brainwashed never to blame a group of people. We don’t blame Blacks for making our cities full of crime. We don’t blame Mexicans for ruining public schools and bankrupting county hospitals, and we don’t blame Jews for corrupting our government or swindling people or brainwashing people with the Jewish-controlled media.

The article continues “According to a report in the Algemeiner based on a report by Israel’s Channel 2 News, Marina Lecarteva, a leader of Moldova’s organized Jewish community, told Israel’s Channel 2 News Shor’s arrest and his alleged behavior are dangerous. ‘There is a lot of antisemitism here, especially on the internet…the community is concerned. The masses have identified him as a Jew, and people here are outraged over the fraud, connecting him to the Jewish community…’”

“Lecarteva said Shor’s alleged thefts will likely exacerbate the anti-Semitism that already exists in Moldova. Channel 2 noted Lecarteva said the small Moldovan Jewish community, which numbers between 35,000 and 40,000 members, ‘has not yet seen any violence, with an emphasis on the word yet.’”

“Shor, a 28-year-old millionaire, reportedly made his fortune selling duty-free goods at Chisinau (the current name for Kishniev) International Airport. The missing $1 billion amounts to about one-eighth of Moldova’s annual gross domestic product (GDP).”

Given the long, long history of Jewish swindling, it’s a wonder that any nation in the world would trust Jews anywhere near their national treasury. Now this incident in Moldova is one more Jewish footnote historians can either remember or cover up.


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