Crazy Uncle Circumcises Baby Nephew while Parents Were Out

Larry Leroy Floyd

by James Buchanan

About two-thirds of all Blacks are born to single mothers. If you assume that at least half of all Black marriages end in divorce, that would raise the number of Black single parent families to (66+34/2) 83%. Needless to say, expectations for Black families tend to be a bit diminished, but the story below is a shocker even for the most cynical reader. Perhaps, all the latte’ liberals at Starbucks might want to include this story in their dialogue on race.

An article from reports “He is supposed to be a trusted uncle, someone the family could depend on to help care for his 1-year-old nephew. That changed drastically after police say Larry Leroy Floyd of Ocala, Florida thought it would be a good idea to allegedly circumcise the baby while the child was with a babysitter over the weekend.”

“As the victim’s father went to the store, WESH said Floyd gathered a kitchen knife and attempted the surgery himself. According to reports, the sitter witnessed Floyd leave the room and go into the bedroom where the child was sleeping. When he emerged a short time later, he was carrying a knife that reportedly had blood on it.”

“The babysitter called the police.”

“When the father came back home a short time later and found out what happened, the baby was rushed to the hospital.”

“At this point, Ocala Police say they’ve charged Floyd with domestic aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.”

“WESH citing Marion County Jail records says Floyd has previously been arrested for armed robbery, aggravated assault and drug possession.”

Who in his right mind would trust an ex-con relative around a baby? Admittedly it’s hard to find a Black family that isn’t peppered with former jailbirds, but still, you’d think the “armed robbery, aggravated assault and drug possession” would be a clue.

In fact, the expression on his face suggests some sort of confused stoned state at the time of his arrest. Considering the number of instances of Blacks getting high on bath salts with the wildly unpredictable behavior that those drugs produce, I suppose the parents should consider themselves lucky that Uncle Floyd only chose to circumcise the baby as opposed to -say- eating it!!!



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