Swedish Exchange Student Likely Raped and Murdered in 1982 by a Black Man

Dishonesty can get people killed. The mainstream media loves to pretend that the races are all equal. Public schools don’t warn young White girls to stay on the look out for predatory Blacks. To make matters worse, our government is too dishonest to warn visitors from Europe that we’ve got a “Black problem.”

An NBC news article reports “Bones found in the San Francisco Bay Area are those of a Swedish exchange student who disappeared more than 30 years ago, authorities said.”

“The Justice Department matched seven bones discovered in a canyon in Fremont, California, five years ago to Elisabeth Martinsson, 21, who was going to the College of Marin and living with a family in nearby Greenbrae when she disappeared on Jan. 17, 1982, coroner’s officials said Monday.”

“Federal officials used dental records to identify the remains in November, Alameda County sheriff’s Sgt. Patricia Wilson, an investigator in the coroner’s division, told the Marin Independent-Journal.”

“No cause of death was determined, Wilson said, and Martinsson’s remains were cremated and will be sent to her family in Uddevalla, a Swedish town about 50 miles from the Norwegian border.”

“It wasn’t immediately clear why the information was released now instead of last year when the remains were identified.”

“Martinsson disappeared after going to a store in the Volkswagen Rabbit she borrowed from the family she was living with.”

“Ten days later, a 31-year-old convicted rapist was found with the car in Oklahoma. The man, Henry Coleman of Los Angeles, was wanted on a robbery warrant out of California. He was convicted of auto theft and sentenced to five years in prison, but was never charged with Martinsson’s death.”

“Coleman told investigators he had bought the car from a man he met at a bar in San Francisco…”

The authorities in California failed to charge a convicted Black rapist with the murder of Elisabeth Martinsson even though he was caught driving her car and she was an attractive young girl, whom a rapist would certainly target.

Because Henry Coleman disposed of her body in a ravine, where it wasn’t found until recently, the authorities were unwilling to charge him with murder. Miss Martinsson had a job as a nanny in addition to her college work. She wasn’t exactly the sort of person who would suddenly run away for no reason. If she were to go anywhere, she would have likely gone back to Sweden. The fact that her car was stolen should have been a red flag that she didn’t run away. She was kidnapped, raped and murdered by Henry Coleman.

Authorities have no idea where Henry Coleman is now. He may have been raping and murdering young girls all over America, thanks to the lax authorities in California, who didn’t make an effort to connect the dots and prosecute Coleman decades ago.

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