Boeing: Diversity Is our Main Concern


by Jeff Davis

You might think that a company like Boeing would keep its focus on making quality airplanes and hiring the best engineers to do that. Well, if you thought that, you’d be wrong. The new Boeing is obsessed with hiring racial minorities.

The following online job posting appeared for the Boeing Corporation.

Diversity Recruiting Engagement Specialist 5

Requisition Number: 1500018719en
Primary Location: Seattle, Washington, United States
Job: Human Resources

Job Level: Individual Contributor

Shift: Day Job

Job Description

“Develops and executes strategies, programs and processes to source, attract, and select talent across multiple businesses. Leads the sourcing and diversity activities to partner with businesses and define talent needs, gather and apply industry and market trends, perform proactive candidate sourcing, and recruit passive diverse candidates for hard-to-fill/critical need positions….”

There are almost four printed pages of the purest liberal gobbledygook. I speak pretty good gobbledygook myself, having had many years of experience in the language, sometimes in total immersion situations. And yet I have to admit, as used to this horse manure as I am, even I have difficulty understanding what this thing says.

The average Joe and most of the populace probably wouldn’t realize exactly what they’re asking for in the description or what this ad means.

In short the above ad means ‘we need a highly paid professional to scour universities for homosexuals, Africans, Lations, cripples, transgenders and females (preferably militant leftist, man-hating females) who can work in critical positions at Boeing.’ This person will set up shop in a university to find anything-but-a-white-guy for critical need positions.

The problem is that they tend to bend over backwards at these organizations and lower the qualifications to get members of these protected groups.

The end result is that people are going to die, probably a lot of people because the Boeing Corporation, a company which manufactures passenger aircraft is now hiring people on grounds other than extreme competency for the job.

At some point in the future there are going to be multiple bloodbath-style disasters because the engineers who designed and built and tested an aircraft were hired for the color of their skin or because they belonged to the LGBT crowd.

What’s truly sad is that we still have the talent to make great aircraft or cars or anything else, but the government is pressuring companies like Boeing not to hire the White male because the Democrat party truly hates White males and is trying to prove that we can be replaced by Africans and Latinos in all professions. Meanwhile, the Republican party is too gutless to defend us or to even mention that racial quotas have made us second class citizens for the last 40 years in a country whose Constitution and Bill of Rights were created by White males.

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