Out of Africa for more than 1.7 Million Years

Evolutionary Tree

by James Buchanan

Liberal academics have made a religion out of the racial equality theory, which originally came from the Communist Karl Marx. To try to bolster this theory, the racial egalitarians have claimed that all the races of mankind came out of Africa only 30,000 to 50,000 years ago.

One article notes “Three skulls dug from under a medieval town in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia and dating back 1.7 million years may represent the first pre-humans who migrated out of Africa and into Europe, researchers said on Thursday.”

1.7 million years is a gigantic gulf of time in terms of evolution especially for a fast-evolving hominid.

Redice.com reports: “Scientific evidence refuting the theory of modern humanity’s African genesis is common knowledge among those familiar with the most recent scientific papers on the human genome, mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosomes. Regrettably, within mainstream press and academia circles, there seems to be a conspicuous–and dare we say it–deliberate vacuum when it comes to reporting news of these recent studies and their obvious implications.”

“Australian historian Greg Jefferys explains that, ‘The whole Out of Africa myth has its roots in the mainstream academic campaign in the 1990′s to remove the concept of race. When I did my degree they all spent a lot of time on the Out of Africa thing, but it’s been completely disproved by genetics. Mainstream [academics] still hold on to it.'”

It’s nice to hear a voice of sanity amidst the political correctness. There’s a growing number of fields of study which have been contaminated by liberal and Marxist ideology, including history, which has the false Holocaust story embedded into it, earth sciences, which has the false global warming/climate change theory and anthropology, which has the racial equality/recently out of Africa theory.

The article continues “It did begin the early 90’s. And the academics most responsible for cementing both the Out-of Africa theory and the complementary common ancestral African mother–given the name of Eve–in the public arena and nearly every curriculum, were Professors Alan C. Wilson and Rebecca L. Cann. In their defense, the authors of this paper were fully aware that genealogy is not in any way linked to geography, and that their placement of Eve in Africa was an assumption, never an assertion.”

“A very recent paper on Y-chromosomes published in 2012, (Re-Examing the Out of Africa Theory and the Origin of Europeoids (Caucasians) in the Light of DNA Genealogy written by Anatole A. Klyosov and Igor L. Rozhanski) only confirms the denial of any African ancestry in non-Africans, and strongly supports the existence of a common ancestor who would not necessarily be in Africa. In fact, it was never proven that he lived in Africa.”

Recent fossil discoveries have shown that pre-human hominids were in Europe 1.7 million years ago. To say that the White race or the White species of humans was separated from the Black species for nearly two million years is a tremendous revelation especially when you consider that humans are only separated from the apes by less than ten million years, and the separation from chimpanzees is less than five million years.

Another revelation is that Whites and Asians share DNA with the Neanderthals while the Blacks have none of this DNA in their veins. This shared DNA likely comes from Whites and Asians being on the same evolutionary branch as the Neanderthals.

The science of racial differences will continue to expand. DNA research has discovered a gene linked to impulsive violence that is much more common among Blacks than Whites. Other significant DNA differences are likely to be discovered, but don’t hold your breath for liberals to admit that there are major inherent racial differences. Liberals devote their lives to promoting academic lies and blocking the progress of science.

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