NBC’s Sitcom Disaster

Another NBC Failure

by Jeff Davis

Those of you who still bother to watch television may have noticed that nothing seems to be really funny any more. Sitcoms are required to abide by the totalitarian ideology of political correctness and this always plays hell with one’s sense of humor, much like locking it into a rusty iron straitjacket.

The first thing liberalism does is ban all jokes about race. You know the sort of jokes that Americans love, and which are still told in popular comedy night clubs. (Admittedly, for the most part only Black comedians tell Black jokes and only Latino comedians tell Latino jokes.)

The second thing liberalism does is it mocks the traditional religious and moral beliefs of White Americans. I’m sure NBC had plenty of hipster writers with their Black friends mocking Christianity or anyone who thinks Gay Marriage is a bad idea.

Entertainment Weekly reports: “There’s not much funny about NBC’s new fall schedule. After struggling to launch new comedy hits for years, the broadcaster will relegate sitcoms to only one hour per week next season—and that hour is on Fridays, an evening that’s traditionally the lowest-rated weekday for networks. One comedy is the returning series Undateable (which will have all-live episodes for its third season), and the second is new couples sitcom People Are Talking, starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar.”

“The marginalization of half-hour programming by the network that once pioneered Must See TV marks a dramatic departure that also sees NBC doubling down on new and returning dramas. The move also reflects how other broadcasters have had difficultly launching new sitcoms this season as well, a fact that probably makes it tougher for NBC executives to envision their own success with the format.”

Most likely NBC will either go bankrupt and disappear completely or it will hang on in a much-reduced mode with only a tiny fraction of its former audience.

Why would anyone want to watch more liberal propaganda blaming the White man for everything wrong with America? Last time I checked the Blacks were causing all the problems in Ferguson, Baltimore and other cities that keep experiencing social unrest.

Hopefully, the decline of the mainstream media will be accompanied by a big increase in the popularity of Internet radio, where White people for the first time in two generations can hear like-minded Whites talking candidly about political and racial problems.


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