Police Search for the Waffle House Masturbator

by Jeff Davis

We’ve all heard of the Boston strangler and the Night Stalker. Well, make room in the criminal history books for the Waffle House Masturbator!!

An article from the Smoking Gun reports: “A Waffle House employee who was videotaped by a fellow worker masturbating inside the open Georgia restaurant is being sought by police on an arrest warrant charging him with public indecency, cops report.”

“Emanuel Williams, 36, is wanted in connection with the incident Monday afternoon in the dining room of a Waffle House in Macon , according to police.”

“Williams… is on the Bibb County sex offenders list due to a 1999 rape conviction for which the convicted felon served nearly a decade in state prison.”

And I think we can all see just how effective the American prison system was at rehabilitating this particular sex offender. Nope, no problems here except for just a slightly socially aberrant behavior.

The article continues “Investigators who watched the video reported that it clearly shows Williams masturbating… While pleasuring himself, Williams was sitting at a booth facing a window, according to a Bibb County Sheriff’s Office report.”

Oh great, he gets to traumatize some more people on the police force who have to watch the video of his behavior!!

“As detailed in a second police report, Williams and a female coworker were the only employees in the eatery Monday when Williams announced that he was preparing to pleasure himself.”

“The woman, who said she was on the phone at the time, told deputies that she did not take Williams seriously. Upon finishing her call, the woman walked over to the suspect to see if he really was… and he was, an investigator reported. The woman said that she began recording Williams with her phone because she knew no one would believe her when she later recounted the incident.”

There are 93 million people unemployed in this country, the economy is collapsing at an accelerating rate, our leader is a Third World imbecile, who ignores the size of the National Debt and whose latest brainstorm is to give Amnesty to over 20 million illegals and there’s a raging pervert, fresh out of prison, pleasuring himself at the local Waffle House!!

How much worse do things have to get before the average White person wakes up and gets politically active?


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