More Thoughts on Freddie Gray and Baltimore Riots

Freddie Gray

by James Buchanan

A video exists showing a limp-looking Freddie Gray being loaded into a police van. Gray reportedly ran from police, only to surrender without resistance when confronted by an officer with a Taser. Gray suffered a severed spine so it is important to determine if it happened before or after the arrest.

A BBC news article reports “Citing police sources, WJLA reported that a medical examiner determined Gray’s neck was broken when his head struck the back of the van.”

“Other injuries to his head matched the shape of a bolt in the van.”

“His death is the latest in a series of police killings in the US which have sparked rioting and national debate.”

“Baltimore police have admitted that Gray was not secured in the van by a seatbelt, against department policy, and that he requested medical attention while being transported in the van but was denied.”

The other prisoner, who was transported in the van in the other partitioned half, Donta Allen said that the ride to the police station was smooth. He also said that he heard “banging” for four seconds. The banging of course could have been Gray banging his head.

An article on Mediaite reports “An anonymous Baltimore police officer and friend of the officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray today spoke out on Fox News tonight about what two of the cops involved relayed to them about Gray.”

“And perhaps one of the most striking things this cop told Megyn Kelly is that Gray snitched for the cops.”

“They told Kelly that in this case, like in many other cases, Gray would “put on a show” and resist and show that he wasn’t cooperating with the police, but once he got to the station, he was a ‘great witness.'”

“Gray apparently ‘helped the department solve many crimes and different acts of violence.’”

Now this information is important for two reasons. One is that Freddie Gray may have been passively resisting arrest by going limp as part of an act. The second point is that if Freddie Gray were a police snitch, you’d think the police would not rough up someone, who was helping them.

The most likely explanation is that Freddie Gray started banging his head to create injuries that he was going to blame on the police so he could sue the police later. Gray however failed to see a bolt sticking out of a wall, and when he banged his head against that, he severed his spine, leading to his death.

The authorities in Baltimore have filed criminal charges against six police officers in an obviously political move to appease Black terrorists in the city of Baltimore.

This attempt at appeasement will only make things worse. Now the majority of Blacks are expecting to see police officers convicted of murder. When that doesn’t happen, we could easily see a repeat of the L.A. Riots, which resulted when police were acquitted in the beating of Rodney King.


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