Rich, Powerful Jew Escapes Pedophile Charges


by Ian Mosley

One of the most notorious child molesters of the 20th century will never spend a day in a prison cell.

An article on reports: “Lord Greville Janner has pulled another rabbit out of his hat – except this time, the now 86-year-old former leader of Britain ’s Jewish community may not even realize he has done so.”

“Janner, the longtime Labour Party member of the House of Lords, should have faced multiple child sex abuse charges but didn’t because the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS; the rough equivalent of a US Attorney’s office) repeatedly – and likely intentionally – bungled its job.”

“Janner was educated at Harvard Law School and Cambridge University and holds the title of Baron of Braunstone. After years of investigative reporting by British media about Janner’s alleged crimes, CPS has finally admitted that it should have prosecuted Janner twice, once in 1991 and then in 2007. It didn’t do so due to error, CPS claimed, but many critics point to Janner’s political power and money as the real reasons he wasn’t prosecuted.”

“CPS said it would not prosecute Janner now because he has severe dementia. CPS likely could have prosecuted Janner as far back as the late 1960s, when allegations against him – about conduct with children at a children’s home in his Leicestershire constituency – first surfaced. Prosecutors reportedly now admit there is enough evidence to charge Janner with 16 counts of indecent assault and six of anal rape. Child protection charities reportedly angrily lashed out at CPS, and the Leicestershire Police said it was exploring what possible legal avenues there may be to challenge the CPS decision to not prosecute Janner.”

“When allegations against him surfaced again in the early 1990s, Janner used a speech in the House of Commons,” (where he enjoyed Parliamentary immunity, was not subject to cross-examination, and was not compelled to confront the witnesses against him) “in which he was an elected Labour Party member at the time, to vehemently deny them. And after a police investigation, the CPS announced there was insufficient evidence to prosecute.”

Odd. How can there now be “sufficient evidence” 20 years later, but not then?

The article continues “In 2002 more allegations were investigated by Leicestershire Police.” (So he was still buggering as recently as 13 years ago, in his 70s. The old sheeny had stamina, I’ll give him that.) “But the details were allegedly never given to CPS prosecutors, and Janner was not prosecuted again.”

“In 2006 another alleged Janner victim came forward with claims against Janner and two others, but CPS prosecutors again decided there was not enough evidence to prosecute – even though there was.”

“The CPS has concluded that Lord Greville Janner should not be prosecuted [now, in 2015] because of the severity of his dementia which means he is not fit to take part in any proceedings…”

That’s interesting. Whenever the Jews want another alleged Nazi war criminal crucified on dubious and conflicting testimony, it doesn’t matter if the accused has Alzheimers, in fact the prosecution seems to prefer it. A life-long pedophile, who has traumatized young, innocent children decade after decade after decade however can use dementia as an excuse to have all his crimes forgotten.

This man is arguably Britain’s most powerful and wealthy Jew after the British Rothschild family.

Where there’s one pedophile, there is often a ring of pedophiles. Don’t hold your breath for anyone to investigate Janner’s peers in the Labour Party or in the Jewish community to discover other life-long pedophiles.


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