SWAT Team Responds to Growing Black Riots in Baltimore

Baltimore riots2

by James Buchanan

The mainstream media is finally reporting on Black civil unrest in the city of Baltimore. A CNN article reports “State and national leaders were weighing in on the violence in Baltimore late Monday.”

“‘Today’s looting and acts of violence in Baltimore will not be tolerated. In response, I have put the Maryland National Guard on alert so they can be in position to deploy rapidly as needed,’ said Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan.”

“‘There is a significant difference between protesting and violence, and those committing these acts will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law,’ the governor added.”

The liberal media appears extremely reluctant to report on the latest Black unrest. We’re supposed to be living in a “post racial” world under Obama, but the reality isn’t matching up with the hype.

An article from ZeroHedge reports “The situation is escalating quickly in Baltimore after police said they received “credible” threats from street gangs who have promised to ban together to “take out” cops in the wake of protests surrounding the funeral of Freddie Gray who died after suffering a spinal injury while being taken into custody by authorities.”

“Now, the SWAT team has been called out to confront protesters…”

Race relations have gotten worse under Obama, not better. Blacks are rioting almost every time a homeless Black or a young Black thug gets shot in a scuffle with police. There have been recent riots in Ferguson, Tampa and Baltimore. There’s been out of control Black mob crime in Philadelphia, Chicago and Baltimore for years.

Keep in mind that all this is happening while our welfare system is still funded. What do you think will happen when 34 million illegal aliens get US citizenship and drastic cuts to Welfare, food stamps and Section 8 housing all have to be made?

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