McDonald’s Image Keeps Getting Worse

McDonalds Fight

by Jeff Davis

A Yahoo finance article reports “McDonald’s Corp. says that a key global sales figure slipped 0.5 percent in October, with weakness in the U.S. and ongoing difficulties from a food-safety scandal in China weighing down its business. The world’s biggest hamburger chain said Monday that the decline in global sales at locations open at least 13 months included a 1 percent drop in the U.S. and a 4.2 percent decline for the unit that includes the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa.”

“McDonald’s APMEA division has been trying to bounce back since the summer, when a TV report in China showed workers at one of its suppliers repackaging meat that was alleged to be expired. The claim has not been publicly confirmed by the supplier or the government. The Oak Brook, Illinois, company said comparable sales for Europe fell 0.7 percent in October due to softness in Russia. A year ago, its overall global sales figure rose 0.5 percent in October.

“President and CEO Don Thompson said in a statement that consumers are increasingly looking for food where they have the option to customize it to their liking, as well as places that have convenient ways to order and pay. McDonald’s previously announced that it plans to expand its ‘Create Your Taste’ offering that lets people pick the buns and toppings they want on burgers by tapping a touchscreen.”

That’s going to fail. People going to McDonalds’ want taste, cheapness and speed, all of which has been sacrificed over the past 20 years as McDonalds’ tries to turn itself into Delmonico’s and pander to the liberal left by serving salads and gourmet coffee that costs $2.00 a small cup. They don’t want to be forced to tap on another damned computer screen like it was an ATM or a car GPS.

The article continues “One of McDonald’s biggest challenges in the U.S. is long-held perceptions around the freshness and quality of its ingredients. The chain has been fighting to boost sales as people gravitate toward foods they feel are more wholesome. As a result, people have been heading to places like Chipotle, which markets its ingredients as being of superior quality.”

Okay, that’s true. Their lettuce has been looking a little more wilted and their burgers a bit more hockey puck-like of late. Probably cutting corners with their suppliers. Especially the burgers, now that beef prices are through the stratosphere.

The main attraction of McDonald’s was always the uniformity and the simplicity of the menu. If you ordered a Big Mac in London, Sydney, Hong Kong or Toronto, it tasted exactly the same as the one you could get in the Port Authority bus terminal or in Waycross, Georgia. As poor as people are these days, you’d think more people would be eating at Mickey D’s than ever, since most of us can’t even afford Chinese takeout any more.

One additional thing which may be hurting their US sales is racial turmoil. Blacks seem to be getting more violent every year and White people never know what might set off the next violent Black explosion and quite a few incidents have occurred at Mickey D’s. An article at asks the question “Why is there so much violent crime at fast-food restaurants?” An article on reports “Violence-Plagued McDonald’s Agrees to Step Up Security… Two videos capturing fights in or near the fast-food restaurant in recent months have gone viral.” And an article on the Blaze reports “A new video posted by shows a man at a McDonald’s restaurant reacting violently, possibly because employees got his order wrong. Almost as disturbing are the reactions of the people who are filming the incident.”

Even if you’re able to flee from the McDonald’s as the Negress before you in line starts chimping out over being late for the breakfast menu or a problem with her order of McNuggets, White people don’t want to risk a head injury and trip to the hospital just to get some fast food.

If I were the CEO of McDonald’s, I’d be tempted to shut down the franchises in the Black neighborhoods because all the stories of violent incidents and viral videos have got to be cutting into the White business at McDonald’s.

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