Black Woman, who Shot into McDonald’s after Missing Bacon, Gets 3 to 7 Years in Prison

Shaneka Torres2

by James Buchanan

Remember Shaneka? The gentle lass, who failed to get bacon and who fired a gun at “head level” into her local McDonald’s. Well, it seems the legal process was speedy for once.

An article from mlive reports “The woman who fired a 9mm handgun at a McDonald’s drive-thru window after twice failing to get bacon on her burger will spend the next three to seven years deciding if jail cuisine is more to her liking.”

“Shaneka Torres was quickly convicted March 25 by a Kent County Circuit Court jury of shooting at an occupied building and felony use of a firearm after a two-day trial.”

“During her sentencing hearing Tuesday, April 21, a judge ordered her to stay away from all McDonald’s restaurants. It will be up to the Michigan Department of Corrections to decide if that ban continues after she is released from prison. She is also ordered to pay $1,500 for the damage caused by the shooting.”

A possible life-time ban from McDonald’s!!! How will Shaneka survive? I guess she’ll just have to shoot up the local Burger King, but that wouldn’t be the same.

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