13 Year Old White Boy Set on Fire by Blacks

by Jeff Davis

The New York Daily News reports: “A 13-year-old boy who police say was doused with gasoline and lit on fire last week while walking home from school is recovering from first-degree burns to his face and head. The boy was just two blocks from his home in Kansas City Tuesday when two teenagers began to follow him and then attacked him, his mother, Melissa Coon, said. Police have described the suspects as black 16-year-olds, while the victim is white. ‘We were told it’s a hate crime,’ Coon told KTLA.”

We’ll need to see about that. A lot of times a low-level prosecutor will want to file hate crime charges against Blacks in an obvious Black-on-White hate crime, but liberal mayors and District Attorneys almost always veto any attempt to admit that Blacks commit hate crimes, proving how worthless and hypocritical hate crime laws are.

The article notes “‘They rushed him on the porch as he tried to get the door open,’ Coon told KMBC. ‘One of them poured the gasoline, then flicked the Bic, and said, ‘This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.’ By lighting the gasoline, the second attacker produced a large fireball burning the face and hair of the boy, according to a Kansas City Police Department report obtained by KCTV.”

Almost needless to say if you swapped “White” with “Black” in this story, you could bet your house that hate crime charges would be filed against Whites who did what these Blacks did, and the hate crime charges would not be quietly dropped when no one was watching. This White boy could have been blinded or disfigured for life.

“Coon said her son put out the fire with his shirt and called 911 himself. He was rushed to the hospital and was treated for his injuries. She believes the students also attend East High School with her son, and said he will not be returning to the school. She also told KMBC her traumatized family plans now plans to move. ‘My 5-year-old came in and asked me, ‘Mom, am I going to get set on fire today?’ Coon said. ‘I was in tears.’”

This is what happens to poor White people living in a big city. They quickly find that the local public school is a meat grinder for White children. Black and Latino children have been brainwashed to hate Whites and they’ll stab, set on fire or sexually assault any Whites, who wander onto “their turf.”

Only websites like this one are honest enough to say that this is a Black problem –that the big city ghetto Blacks hate innocent White people and frequently attack Whites.

The only solution is to separate the races. The US South used to segregate the races until activist lawsuits brought by Jews and liberals and decisions by leftist judges decided that White women and children no longer should be protected from Black crime by Segregation. Since that decision, over 50,000 Whites have been murdered by Blacks and millions of Whites have been viciously attacked by Blacks in crimes that aren’t even recognized as hate crimes.


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