Rival Black Gangs Fight at Bus Stop in Alabama

Rival Black Gangs Bus Fight

by Jeff Davis

An article on DailyKenn reports: “A school-bus brawl spilled onto private property earlier this month. A video of the fight has gone viral. News reports indicate the melee was the latest of an ongoing spat between two communities that have each formed tribal-like affinities; one warring against the other.”

“The brawl broke out after students disembarked from a Greene County, Ala. school bus. There appears to be over a dozen participants. Greene County is the least populated county in Alabama . With a population of about 10,000, the county is about 80 percent black and less than 20 percent white.”

Can you imagine what it must be like to be a White person there? One wonders what the median age of the White population is? I’d guess that it’s old White retired folks. Hopefully all the White children have been pulled out of that jungle school system.

The article notes “Each year the Obama administration imports 70,000 refugees, nearly all are Muslims from the Middle East . Nearly all are settled in Republican areas….”

So even if you’re lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with a large White majority, criminal politicians like Barack Obama will confiscate some properties in your neighborhood due to unpaid taxes or unpaid mortgages, turn those properties into Section 8 Housing and then import some totally un-assimilable Muslim Third Worlders or -more likely- you’ll get some of the over 20 million illegal alien Latinos in the US today.

The article continues “People who witnessed a serious fight in Greene County are coming forward with more information on what led up to the brawl. Neighbors tell WIAT there has been an ongoing feud between two communities positioned directly across from each other on County Road 156 in Jena. The fight, caught on camera on March 9th, was the moment where the heated situation came to a boil. According to a press release from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, several adults and juveniles were arrested.”

“Witness Lakeitta Richardson says she thinks the fight became too dangerous once a gun was brought into the mix. ‘We had to defend ourselves at the end of the road. We couldn’t just sit there and let them just do that,’ said Richardson.”

As more and more parts of the country become majority non-White, there will be more and more of this tribal warfare among Third World people. The Mexicans and Blacks have been fighting each other for years in Los Angeles and all the glorious federal agencies appear impotent to help the Blacks, who are on the losing end of a race war.

In the meantime, be sure to send news stories about the latest Black chimp out to all your White friends. Before we can unite White people to expel the non-Whites, we have to wake up White people to what kind of hell they’ll be living in if they allow the US to keep filling up with Third World people.


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