British Teen Arrested For Racist Tweet

Danny Welbeck

by James Buchanan

A BBC news article reports: “A teenager has been arrested on suspicion of sending a racist tweet aimed at [Black] Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck. The post was made after Welbeck netted the winning goal during an FA Cup quarter-final clash against his former club Manchester United on 9 March. Manchester-born Welbeck joined the Gunners for £16m last summer.”

“The 15-year-old boy, from the Salisbury area, was arrested on suspicion of racial abuse and released on bail until 13 April, Wiltshire Police said.”

Let’s say you were a famous sports athlete, and you moved to a different country and played sports over there. Would you even care if some teenager didn’t like you in his country or if he made some rude -even racist- comments about you?

Does anyone think that the target of the racial abuse even knew it was there until some whiny liberal pointed it out or that he cared that it was there?

I don’t know Mr. Welbeck, but unless he’s the most thin-skinned wimp on the planet, I cannot imagine him wanting to send a 15 year old boy to jail for an offhand remark even if it were racist. So who is doing this? The politically correct police state in Britain, that no one really wants or asked for.

Anyone, who has been around Internet blogs for more than a few days, should expect that teenagers will say rude things all the time, especially on poorly moderated discussion boards. Twitter of course is a moment-by-moment dialogue by anyone with a smart phone and Twitter account. No one, who has got a life cares what some teenager says on Twitter, nor should the government of Britain obsess over this and waste the time of bureaucrats, police and the judiciary to conduct a witch hunt against a fifteen year old boy who “said” something politically incorrect.

Britain needs to take a lesson from those colonies in America that got tired of King George over 200 years ago. The people of Britain need to demand Free Speech so that some whiny government bureaucrat can’t issue a warrant for their arrest for an idle remark. And while they’re at it, the people of Britain should demand the Right to Keep and Bear Arms because an armed citizenry will make politicians think twice about passing laws that infringe Free Speech.


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