Jewish Lesbian Rabbi

Denise Eger

by Jeff Davis

This little sob story is encouraging. It looks like the Jews are finding out that what goes around, comes around.

Yahoo News reports: “As a rabbinic student in 1980s New York, Denise Eger lived away from other seminarians. She quietly started a group for fellow gay and lesbian students, but held the meetings in another borough. By the time of her ordination, she wasn’t formally out, but her sexuality was known, and no one would hire her. Later, she took the only job offered, with a synagogue formed expressly as a religious refuge for gays.”

“Since then, the Reform Jewish movement — Eger ‘s spiritual home since childhood —has traveled a long road toward recognizing and embracing same-sex relationships. That journey has led this week to Philadelphia, where Eger will be installed Monday as the first openly gay president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the rabbinical arm of Reform Judaism.”

I think I can hear the Hasidic screams from New York already.

The Jews have been promoting perversion on the Jewish-owned entertainment industry in the US for decades. Looks like they’re finally getting a dose of their own medicine now. Unfortunately, degeneracy seems to have a worse effect on White people than on Jews, who tend to be amoral at best and evil by nature.

Interestingly, Reform Jews are not recognized as being Jewish in Israel and must undergo an Orthodox conversion if they want to become citizens, get married, etc. There is a Gay movement in Israel and they hold the occasional pro-
Gay parade, but they haven’t been able to shake loose the Orthodox Jews’ iron grip on the government so far.

The Jews want this mental illness for export to Gentile nations, not for import to their homeland.


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