Revlon CEO Commits Thought Crimes

Lorenzo Delpani

by Ian Mosley

The New York Post reports: “The CEO of Revlon is a bigoted bully who hates ‘dirty’ Americans, thinks Jews stick together and believes he can smell black people when they walk into a room, according to a new lawsuit. The beauty company’s boss, Lorenzo Delpani, made the ugly comments after taking over in 2013, according to a discrimination suit filed by Revlon’s former top scientist, Alan Meyers, who says he was ostracized because of his Jewish heritage.”

“Delpani, a native of Italy , told Meyers he was shocked there weren’t more Jews at the company because the biggest shareholder is Ron Perelman, a prominent Jewish American, according to the suit. ‘Jews stick together,’ Delpani quipped. He also allegedly added that ‘thankfully, Perelman is not like that anymore.’”

This is not “hate.” It is simply factual observation. The media is brainwashing Americans to be afraid to tell ANY truth about the Jews.

The article goes on “Delpani also said that he hates living among Americans, whom he called small-minded and dirty, and that he can’t wait to get back to a ‘real’ country, according to court papers filed this week…”

“Meyers also claims Delpani made a racist comment after a meeting in South Africa , when he said he ‘could smell a black person when he entered a room.’”

“…Revlon spokeswoman Kiki Rees on Wednesday said Meyers was a disgruntled employee who did not perform up to company standards.”

It sounds like the company isn’t backing down on this one. I wonder how many companies get hit with essentially thinly-veiled extortion demands and they cave to avoid accusations of racism. A clever lawyer could make such a demand while tip-toeing just outside the legal definition of extortion.

Let this be a warning to other Gentile CEOs out there. If you keep Jews in your inner circle of friends, you will be opening the door for a betrayal some time in the future.


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