Black Grandpa Goes Ape against Grandkid

Psycho grandpa2

by Jeff Davis

An article from NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports that “Walter Reed Booker, 52, was arrested Thursday for charges of aggravated assault and injury to a child after police said he tried to attack his grandson in a dispute over who ate all the sausage biscuits. Police reports said Tony Kirk, Booker’s grandson, discovered that somebody had eaten all of the sausage biscuits that he had purchased earlier and asked Booker if he had eaten them. An enraged Booker fought with Kirk until Kirk barricaded himself in a bedroom where Kirk’s sleeping infant lay. Walter Booker attempted to stab Kirk, but missed and cut the 6-month-old girl on the arm. Kirk and the child’s mother, who was in the house as well, were unharmed.”

One of the racial characteristics of blacks and other minorities is an inability to restrain impulsive reactions. Uncontrolled and excessive violence is a part of the black and Hispanic lifestyle to a degree which White people simply can’t comprehend. Many of the violent assaults on Whites which take place by the tens of thousands every day all across America fall into this category. The White people, who were attacked, foolishly thought they were dealing with rational people just like themselves, when they criticized something minor, and then were met with a violent assault.

Many black and brown people simply are not sufficiently genetically evolved to control themselves. The OJ Simpson murder of his White wife, Nicole, and Ron Goldman or the brutal Chris Brown attack on Rihanna in a jealous fit are two examples. Most attacks end in the victim surviving, but needing hospital care.

Many blacks are not capable of any degree of thought or projection of consequences before they act. This is one of the things that makes them so dangerous. Even with the certainty of a long jail sentence, many blacks still can’t restrain themselves. When Charlie Samuel couldn’t get Lily Burke to withdraw $300 from an ATM, he didn’t think that she was just a 17 year old, whose parents may not trust her with that much money. He flew out of control, slashed her throat and killed her.

We can thank crooked politicians and morally bankrupt liberals for forcing these dangerous creatures on White society and for the 50,000 murdered White people since the end of segregation.


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