Amanda Knox Escapes Justice

arm with knife

by James Buchanan

After seven and a half years of trials, the Amanda Knox soap opera has finally come to an end.

A CNN news article reports “An eight-year legal drama that gripped the United States, Britain and Italy has ended.”

“Late Friday night, Amanda Knox of Seattle learned Italy’s Supreme Court had overturned her murder conviction.”

“She was prosecuted after the semi-naked body of 21-year-old British student Meredith Kercher, her throat slashed, was found in November 2007 in the apartment the two women shared. Raffaele Sollecito, Knox’s Italian boyfriend, was convicted as well. He was cleared along with Knox on Friday night.”

“Knox had been facing 28½ years in prison. Now she can seek a normal life.”

It’s not clear at this time if Raffaele Sollecito’s legal team left a horse’s head in the judge’s bed or if the ruling politicians in Italy may have told the judge to wrap this thing up and put an end to it.

If Knox were found guilty again, then a multi-year effort to extradite her would begin.

Knox was likely the instigator of the murder. Sollecito and Guede were accomplices. The murder was an attack by three people, who knew each other. Two held down Kercher while she was attacked by the third. An absence of defensive wounds on Kercher’s arms proved the involvement of multiple attackers.

Knox hated Kercher and Kercher had no love for Knox. Knox was a slob, who would bring strange men by the shared apartment for her insatiable sexual appetite. Sollecito was the latest boyfriend, who had been dating Knox for just eight days prior to the murder.

Sollecito wanted to impress Knox and a third individual, a Black drug dealer named Rudy Guede was infatuated with Knox.

Someone (likely Knox) had just stolen Kercher’s rent money. Kercher returned to her apartment to find Knox, Sollecito and Guede high on drugs. Kercher accused Knox of theft, and then Knox and her accomplices attacked Kercher.

One likely scenario had Knox and Sollecito holding down Kercher while Guede raped her, then Sollecito and Guede held down Kercher while Knox tortured her with a knife. Kercher likely threatened to send the three to jail, and Knox ultimately slashed her throat.

We’ve had all these years and no other accomplices for Guede have emerged.

If we try to build a scenario in which Guede is the sole attacker, it just doesn’t work. How did Guede get in the apartment? Knox realized that was a problem and staged a break in and burglary that the Italian police quickly saw through. Glass from the broken window fell on top of the wrong places for a break in.

Let’s assume Guede somehow gets inside the apartment (just ignore the staged break in) and rapes Kercher. The penalty for rape in Italy in 2007 was two years in prison –if the authorities even catch the perpetrator. In other words, Guede did not have all that strong a motivation to murder Kercher to cover up a crime with a weak penalty.

Even if we assume Guede does decide to murder Kercher to avoid a possible two year prison sentence, why were there forty wounds on Kercher including multiple stab wounds as if someone were torturing her? Why weren’t Kercher’s arms badly cut up as she reflexively would have tried to block the stabbing? Why were there bruise marks indicating that her arms were being held down?

The truth is that Amanda Knox deeply hated Kercher. It wasn’t just roommate issues. Kercher was seen as the new “queen bee” more popular than Knox among the college girls in Perugia. Knox’s boss at the cafe was even thinking of replacing Knox with Kercher, which would have cut into Knox’s ability to earn money on the side for her drug habit. Knox’s whole life was being ruined by this new girl, Kercher.

Knox used Guede and Sollecito to help humiliate and then murder Kercher.

The first trial which allowed all the evidence found Knox and Sollecito guilty of murder.

In the second trial with Judge Hellman, pressure from the United States was brought to bear via Hillary Clinton. Knox’s father is a big shot at Macy’s corporation with some high level friends in the Democrat Party. Key evidence was withheld by order of Judge Hellman from the trial and Knox was found “not guilty.” This got Knox released from prison after serving just four years of her sentence.

The Italian Supreme Court reviewed the Hellman trial and declared it “null and void.” A new trial which included all the evidence found Knox and Sollecito guilty again.

The final defense appeal trial was not expected to change things, but clearly someone wanted to end this circus. The PR firm that was hired by Knox’s father had been demonizing the Italian government and judicial system for years, and had built up an army of ill-informed Americans, demanding that Knox be set free. It simply wasn’t worth it to the Italians to convict her again and to fight to extradite her and then lock her up for 28 1/2 years, especially since Knox wasn’t even in Italy. If Knox murdered someone new, it would be America’s problem, not Italy’s.

It’s hard to believe anyone could overlook all the lies told by Amanda Knox. Her attempt to frame up her boss with false testimony and her conviction for slander (calunnia) should have woken people up. If you’re innocent of a murder, you need to tell one story, the truth and stick to it. Knox has never done this because she was never innocent. She was deeply involved in the murder of Kercher, and she can thank her pretty face and her rich daddy’s PR firm for sparing her the full sentence for her crimes.

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