BBC Finally Provokes Incident to Fire Popular, Old Fashioned Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson

by James Buchanan

It looks as though the flaming liberal BBC finally found an excuse to fire the highly popular Jeremy Clarkson from the incredibly successful car show “Top Gear.”

An article from The Guardian reports “The BBC announced on Wednesday that it has dropped Jeremy Clarkson after the Top Gear presenter was responsible for an ‘unprovoked physical and verbal attack” that left a colleague bleeding and seeking hospital treatment.”

“BBC director general Tony Hall said he took the decision to end Clarkson’s BBC career ‘with great regret’, 16 days after he was suspended following a ‘fracas’ with a member of the Top Gear production team, but said the presenter had ‘crossed a line’.

“A BBC investigation led by BBC Scotland boss Ken MacQuarrie found that Clarkson had subjected Oisin Tymon to a 30-second physical attack after a sustained verbal tirade. Tymon took himself to an A&E department after the assault.”

The “producer” in question, Oisin Tymon, looks like he is young enough to be Clarkson’s son if not grandson. Clearly someone at the BBC paired Clarkson up with a producer that was destined to fail, and who was so junior that it could only be seen as an insult to Clarkson, who was the real talent on the popular show, Top Gear.

Well, the geniuses at the BBC may have provoked Clarkson sufficiently so that he lashed out at Mr. Tymon, but there’s just one little problem remaining. Jeremy Clarkson is the goose that was laying the golden eggs over at the BBC, and he’s just been dismissed by a snotty young generation of liberal fools. Perhaps, Mr. Tymon can star in some new show that brings in millions of viewers…. Oh wait, Mr. Tymon isn’t the talent; Mr. Tymon is the individual, who just drove out the talent.

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