Michelle Obama Lunch Tyranny Ruining Taco Tuesday


by Jeff Davis

The great Lunchroom Revolt against Michelle Obama continues.

An article on Freebeacon.com reports: “After a second grader complained to First Lady Michelle Obama that she ruined Taco Tuesday with her healthy lunch rules, Trip Klibert has accepted the White House’s consolation: Bo and Sunny trading cards and a note from Mrs. Obama that said ‘you’ll get used to it.’”

What about this child’s right to pursue happiness, which in this case included having tacos every Tuesday?

“The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that Richard ‘Trip’ Klibert, 7, wrote a letter to Mrs. Obama last November (that read):

“Dear Mrs. Obama,”

“Thank you for trying to make my school lunch better, but you have ruined Taco Tuesday. Please bring back the old taco shell. I miss them. Also, the pizza is terrible. If you would like to try the new tacos, I will buy you lunch.”

“Thank you,”

“Trip Klibert”

“Mrs. Obama replied to Klibert’s letter, along with an autographed Obama family picture and trading cards of the family’s dogs.”

So basically her message was let them eat trading cards. Young children are amazingly resilient and can eat food that would give a middle-aged man a heart condition. Between growing and running around, they can burn off thousands of calories per day. An order of french fries every day or some tacos poses no danger to an active child.

A much more serious threat to children is an addiction to video games and Internet surfing, that might lead to no exercise. Good parents however should step in and make sure that their children are doing some physical activity and are not glued to a glowing computer display when they should be out riding a bicycle.

The article continues “She said that change is hard. In Obama’s letter, she explained that new child nutrition regulations were implemented as part of her Let’s Move! initiative started in 2010 to reduce childhood obesity, the Times-Picayune reported. The new regulations took effect in 2012 with the goal of including more whole grains, vegetables and fruits in school meals while reducing fat and sodium.”

“She explained that she wants students nationwide to have access to healthy food in their daily lunch meals,’ the report said. ‘She also acknowledged that adjusting to new things can be difficult and thanked Trip for his feedback.’”

It’s not a question of access to healthy food. It’s a question of eat this approved food or nothing.

One of the funniest bits of unintended consequences this vile dictatorship has created for itself with Michelle’s lunch program is that thousands of young school kids are now learning the joys and rewards of entrepreneurship as they become smugglers and illegal food dealers in the corridors and cafeterias of the nation’s public schools. Resisting government tyranny is a valuable life lesson and I guess we can thank the Obama’s for inadvertently giving the youth of America that lesson.


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