Whitenicious: Skin Bleaching and More


by Jeff Davis

As if skin bleaching were not wide-spread enough among Black celebrities like Beyonce’ and the late Michael Jackson, now they can have their eyes permanently altered to appear blue.

A CBS news article reports “There’s little question that blue eyes, for whatever reason, are considered an attractive facial feature, and only 17% of the world’s population has them. The vast majority of us have brown eyes. But apparently, for the right price, you, too, can have blue eyes.”

“The only way to change your eye color has been to wear colored contact lenses, but now there’s a new procedure that change brown eyes to blue.”

“According to ophthalmologists, we all have blue eyes below our brown eyes, under a thin layer of pigment. A California company has now developed a laser treatment that disturbs the melanin in the pigmented part of the eye and causes the body to eliminate it over time. The procedure only lasts seconds, but it may take weeks before the blue tint emerges. This laser treatment is not available here in the U.S. yet, but has been tested overseas with success. Researchers claim it is safe, but have to conduct more clinical trials before they can apply for FDA approval.”

We all know what happens any time Blacks get any kind of opportunity to look Whiter. Not only did Michael Jackson use part of his immense fortune to have himself medically transformed by cosmetic surgery changing his chin, cheek bones and nose to appear more White; he also bleached his skin.

A new skin-bleaching formula called Dencia has become enormously popular among the multitude of Blacks, who want to look Whiter.

The U.K. Daily Mail reports: “A Nigerian and Cameroonian pop star who launched a skin cream called Whitenicious has defended her product after critics branded it an ‘abomination’ for promoting skin-bleaching. In an interview with Ebony, Dencia claims that the skincare cream is intended to remove dark spots, and that it is out of her control if customers use it to whiten their entire skin.”

“Defending her own drastically altered appearance since she started using Whitenicious, the singer asserts: ‘I was never that dark in real life… And guess what? I don’t even care because [critics] are bringing me business.’”

“According to the product website, Whitenicious – which bears the slogan, ‘Say goodbye to pigmentation and spots forever’ – effectively lightens skin in just seven days.”

There’s one little thing many of these Third World races don’t understand: Being White isn’t something that is just skin deep. If you compare one of these bleached-out creatures with a White person, it’s still obvious from the shape of the skull, face and forehead, which one is White. And then there’s intelligence, morality and other genetic-based traits, that Third World people will never have.


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