Black Road Rage

Rashaad Devon Ben

by Jeff Davis

Imagine driving your kid home from school and the following horror story happens to you. Thanks to liberals and desegregation, we have to share the cities and the road with these primitive Africans, who just can’t control their violent outbursts and menacing behavior.

The Smoking Gun reports: “Police are investigating a Texas man for a series of road rage incidents, including one that was videotaped by a woman who last week was traveling with her four-year-old daughter when the suspect accosted her on an Austin roadway.”

“Julie Nowlin, 39, told cops that as she was driving last Wednesday morning, a male motorist was recklessly veering across the road, crowding other drivers and trying to force them off the road. So Nowlin… reached for her cell phone in an attempt to record the man’s license plate. The other driver, however, apparently spotted Nowlin filming him. As traffic slowed, the man pulled his vehicle into a bike land and sprung out of his car towards Nowlin’s vehicle.”

“As seen in the above video, the man called Nowlin a b-tch and spit on the windshield of her car. He then raised a clenched right fist and said, ‘F— you, Black Power.’ He added, ‘White b-tch’ before returning to his vehicle.”

“‘He got out of his car three times after chasing me around at high speeds and almost killing a female jogger,’ Nowlin told TSG. Cops have classified the February 4 incident as ‘disorderly conduct abusive language’ and ‘reckless driving.’”

Why wasn’t this lunatic’s driver’s license suspended —as a minimum? Notice this isn’t being prosecuted as a hate crime, of course. The racial epithets apparently don’t count when it’s a Black spewing them out. Imagine how traumatized the poor child must be watching a supposed adult behaving like that.

The [URL=”″%5Darticle%5B/URL%5D continues “Nowlin uploaded video clips of the confrontation to a local listserv, which prompted a news report on an Austin TV station. That KVUE segment has caused other drivers to come forward with similar accounts of being menaced and chased by the same male driver. The recidivist road rager, TSG has learned, is Rashaad Devon Ben, a 23-year-old Austin resident whose rap sheet includes eight criminal convictions. Ben is pictured in the adjacent mug shot. According to Texas Department of Public Safety records, Ben’s first conviction, for theft, came in 2008 (when he was 17)….”

Eight criminal convictions? Why was this 23 year old psycho not in prison? Why was he still allowed to roam the streets with civilized people? Blacks endlessly complain about being abused by the police, but the truth is different. Liberal authorities do everything they can to keep Black youth from being convicted of felonies. Serious crime after crime is plea-bargained down to a misdemeanor. Because Blacks and Latinos commit so many crimes, they overwhelm the prison system and liberals put revolving doors on the prison so that someone with eight convictions can be out on the streets at age 23. Maybe if he were locked up until age 30, he wouldn’t be terrorizing some poor mother with her child.

I don’t see any upside to Diversity, but the downside is crystal clear and something we all want to avoid. Some day we’ll come up with a permanent solution to the race problem and it will involve separating the races permanently.

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