US Govt. too Busy Spying on Tea Party and Far Right to Catch Terrorists


by Jeff Davis

Have you ever wondered how the FBI with their massive resources and multi-billion-dollar budget could fail to catch Major Nidal Hasan before he killed 13 and wounded 32 more at Fort Hood or the Chechen Tsarnaev brothers before their Boston Marathon Bombing or the 911 terrorists before they hijacked four airliners?

It’s because our government is more worried about far-right political organizations and the Tea Party, than it is Muslim terrorism.

The Department of Homeland Security has let the cat out of the bag: They are there to spy on and suppress dissent from Americans, not worry about Muslim terrorism.

The Washington Times reports: “The new assessment comes as President Obama is holding a conference to focus on efforts to fight violent extremism. While the White House has come under fire for its refusal to use the term Islamist extremism during the talks, there has been very little discussion on the domestic terror threat from sovereign citizen groups.”

“While groups like the Islamic State and al Qaeda have dominated the global discussion on terrorism, a survey last year of state and local law enforcement officers listed sovereign citizen terrorists ahead of foreign Islamists and domestic militia groups as the top domestic terror threat, CNN reported.”

Well, actually, no. The contention, that far right Americans pose a threat, comes from various Jewish and liberal activist organizations, who appear to just make things up. Liberal Democrats accept this sort of propaganda without question and focus on the far right while hundreds of dangerous Muslims are allowed to immigrate into the US every day with each one of them being a ticking time bomb.

The article notes “The Homeland Security (Department) issued a similar report on the threat of right-wing terrorist groups in the past, garnering criticism for the Obama administration. A 2009 Homeland Security report on possible recruitment of military veterans by right-wing militia groups prompted an outcry from veterans groups.”

The militia movement never amounted to very much. It was a loose association of patriots, who would go off and play with their guns in the woods, but to the tyrants in D.C. even the slightest sign of possible future resistance was worth spending billions of dollars on. Meanwhile, more and more angry militant Muslims from the Third World were let into the US without any thought of them ever becoming a problem.

The Department of Homeland Security doesn’t care about Muslims or foreigners, including the genuine terrorists and Mexican drug gang members who are invading our borders by the tens of thousands.

No, these federal agencies are there to spy on us White people and to demonize us with the occasional entrapment of some drunk White supremacist who had grandiose plans to blow up Mount Rushmore or some similarly lunatic goal. If they can tie that person in to the Tea Party somehow, then they feel they’ve served their masters well. Meanwhile, a group of real terrorists fresh off the plane from the Middle East may have something truly sinister and spectacular planned out, but they’ll slip through the government’s fingers because they were watching right-wing patriots instead of Third World Muslims.

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