Climategate 2.0: Obama Regime Joins Global Warming Hoax

Gore Global Warming

by Ian Mosley

For those of you who have been living in a cave on Mars for the past 17 years, “Global Warming” is a major scientific hoax that the Left is trying to use so that billions of dollars will go to various leftist think tanks to “study” Global Warming. Businesses will be taxed for their CO2 emissions and leftist governments will use Global Warming laws to extort bribes from any businesses that they accuse of excess CO2 production.

Most of the Left has re-dubbed “Global Warming” with a new moniker “Climate Change” after a cooling period began in 1998 that ended the period of warming during the ’80s and ’90s which apparently was caused by fluctuations in the sun’s heat output and not by man. Because the liberals first went with Global Warming for about 20 years, and promoted it like a religion and even tried to fudge temperature data in the Climategate scandal, their pathetic switch to “climate change” after Global Warming fizzled out isn’t fooling anyone, who isn’t a fool already.

The first Climategate Scandal involved Global Warming scientists conspiring to hide data from the public about the earth’s cooling down since 1998.

Now we have Barack Obama jumping into the Global Warming fray seemingly oblivious to the fact that Global Warming has been largely discredited. Just how out of touch are the leftist extremists, who surround Barack Obama? Obama in his 2015 state of the union address claimed that 2014 was the warmest year on record and referred to “data” from NASA and NOAA that supported this dubious assertion. This is a serious attempt to revive Global Warming, and some people think it’s being done with fraudulent data and should be called “Climategate 2.0.”

The Daily Caller reports: “Are government climate agencies tampering with climate data to show warming? Some Republicans think so. California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher says to expect congressional hearings on climate data tampering. Rohrabacher serves as the vice chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, which has jurisdiction over NASA and other agencies that monitor the Earth’s climate. Rohrabacher has long been critical of the theory of man-made global warming. Lately, the California Republican has criticizing NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for allegedly tampering with temperature data to create an artificial warming trend. Such data is then used to justify regulations aimed at curbing fossil fuel use and other industrial activities.”

“Rohrabacher isn’t the only one to call for hearings on the science behind global warming. Oklahoma Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe has also promised to hold hearings on global warming data.”

“‘We’re going to have a committee hearing on the science,’ said Inhofe, who chairs the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. ‘People are going to hear the other side of the story.’”

“For years, those skeptical of man-made global warming have argued that government agencies are altering raw temperature data to create a warming trend. Allegations of tampering have increased as satellite temperature readings show much less warming than land and ocean-based weather stations show. Science blogger Steven Goddard (a pseudonym) has been a major critic of NASA’s and NOAA’s temperature measurements. Goddard points out that NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center makes the present look warmer by artificially cooling past temperatures to show a warming trend.”

Interesting that this man has to use a pseudonym, lest he be burned at the stake for heresy against liberalism, which is what happens to those who question the hoax.

The article goes on “NCDC pulls every trick in the book to turn the US cooling trend into warming. The raw data shows cooling since the 1920s,’ Goddard told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an interview last month.”

Those inconvenient scientific facts keep getting in the way of “The Agenda.” I wonder how long it will be before the liberals just say “Off with the heads of anyone who dares to question!”


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